Monday, December 3, 2012

Suicide, 2nd leading cause of death in jail

Bob Costas, last night, during Sunday Night Football, made the comment during half time (and quoting Jason Whitlock) if Jovan Belcher 'didn't possess a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.'" Jovan Belcher, if you didn't know, was a professional football player that killed the mother of his child, and then drove to a gun free facility and shot and killed himself in front of his coach.

The anti-rights cultist bigots scream from the rooftops "30,000 people a year die from gun violence". We all know that more than half of those 'gun deaths' are suicide. The anti-rights cultist bigots often claim that if a person didn't have a gun, or access to a gun, they would kill themselves. Oh really? I have made several comparisons on this blog of gun ownership and suicide rates, I have also compared U.S. suicide rates with other countries that have higher suicide rates, but lower gun ownership rates. All of the comparisons that have been done regarding guns and suicide show that with or without guns, people will intentionally harm and kill themselves.

Imagine the most secure place you can be, you have an armed security detail. This is a palace, your food is prepare and brought to you, your laundry is cleaned for you, if you wish to read, the library comes to you, you don't have to leave, because everything that you need is provided for you. This a secure place, so weapons are not allowed, but you don't need a weapon, because you have your armed security detail. Your palace is so secure, that even your armed security detail doesn't carry a firearm, but they do have other weapons and they do, in fact, protect you. Don't worry about your palace being invaded, there is a high wall protecting you from outside forces. Just outside of your palace, in the courtyard, there are snipers with rifles to protect the palace from invasion, and these snipers are so good at their job, together with the walls, no one has ever invaded your prison or courtyard. Yeah, I'm talking about prisons and jails. Pop quiz hot shot, what's the leading cause of death in prisons? Illness, what's the second leading cause of death in prisons? SUICIDE!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Number of guns owned in the U.S.

The number of guns in the hands of the American citizens is often reported to be anywhere from 270 million to 300 million. I was curious and was going to start digging round a little bit, and then I saw in one of  David Codrea's articles.

November 14, 2012 Congressional Research Service report on “Gun Control Legislation”  (pdf)

From that report:

2009, the estimated total number of firearms available to civilians in the United States had increased to approximately 310 million: 114 million handguns, 110 million rifles, and 86 million shotguns.

That's a good place to start counting the number of firearms available to the American people.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Louisiana Sheriff's Chief Deputy says gun ownership a privilege ran a news piece about car burglaries and thefts. When they contacted the Jefferson Parish  Sheriff's Office, this was the quote from the Chief Only One.

"Owning a gun [...] is a privilege" - Chief Deputy Tom Gorman of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office. 

This is just weeks after a majority of Louisiana Voters overwhelmingly approved a Constitutional amendment that says any gun control law must meet "Strict Scrutiny" and removed language from the State Constitution that gave authority to the legislators to make laws against concealed carrying of firearms.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

How to remote detonate your fireworks

So, you've followed Kurt Hofmann's advice and downloaded the Army Technical Manual 31-201, the Improvised Munitions Handbook. You've followed the instructions in the manual and now you have your umm fireworks, but now you're wondering, "How do I detonate these things?" The manual gives clear instructions on using blasting caps, detonation cord, and even tells you how to make a fuse, but you don't have blasting caps and want to set them off remotely.

If (when) the tyrants of the government come to confiscate your guns, and you shoot the first one in the head because, well, he's an agent of a tyrannical government, you can expect another visit from other tyrants. I'm sure that by this time, you're already prepared, and by prepared I mean that you've already planted and hidden your fireworks. Certainly you can't run out into the yard, light a fuse, and then run back to the safety of your home. This is where a remote detonation system would be very handy.

Predator Pyro makes a Remote Firework Ignition System and for 20 bucks, you can have a remote ignition system and enough clips to detonate 15 devices. The major drawbacks to this system is you have to use fuses in your devices (they may get wet) and it uses an infrared remote, so you have to have line of sight with the devices. You'll also have to have one of these remote ignition systems for each one of your umm, fireworks.

Cobra Firing Systems makes a very nice, wireless fire control system, but it also uses the firing clips that must be clipped onto a fuse.

Infrared remotes are out and you don't want to use fuses, so you need to find something that uses radio waves and e-matches instead, here is where RF Remote Tech comes in. RF Remote Tech makes a wireless firing system that ignites from one device up to 32 and costs from $20 for the single system up to $120 for the 32 device system. The shipping charges are very reasonable as well.

Now comes the problem with E-matches. E-matches (electric matches) are lengths of wire with a piece of nichrome wire wrapped around the ends or a nichrome chip soldered on to the ends and dipped in a pyrogen. E-matches are regulated by the ATF and you must have a license to purchase them. You can, however, make your own e-match, legally. The folks over at PyroCreations sells a kit that comes complete with everything you need to make 50 e-matches for about $50. The only thing that you have to do in your shop to complete the e-matches is mix the pyrogen, dip the wire leads (that already have the nichrome bridges soldered on) and let dry. Their website says that the kit will coat up to 300 e-matches but only 50 blanks comes with the kit, luckily, they offer 25 blanks for $13.

There you have it, folks. A book that tells you how to make your own fireworks and how to detonate them from the safety of inside your home.

Pro tip: don't make pipe bombs and use this remote system to detonate them, it's illegal and may be harmful to your health. This information is for educational and entertainment purposes only.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Breaking! Mass shooting at private gun range

It is with a heavy heart that I must report, out of all fairness to the gun control anti-rights cultists, that there has been a mass shooting at the Baldwin Family private gun range.

There were about 14 family members in attendance on Saturday, November 24, 2012. Of course these people were all related and knew each other, several of them live in separate households on the family ranch. The gun table, a table set up to rest the guns on, looked like a mock up for a Mexican press conference. This table included rifles, shotguns and pistols. Some of the rifles were high power sniper style rifles, although it's reported that the owner refers to one of them as a Remington 700 30.06.

Friday, November 23, 2012

how to hide your cache during a gun Confiscation

Pop quiz hot shot, you see the gun confiscation coming, what do you do chump, Quick, search online for hiding spots. Look, there's a post about using an old soda vending machine, yeah, that's brilliant, except, what if ATF put that online so they can easily find you cache of weaponry? Damn the government!

Yeah, searching online for ideas on where to hide things brings up some pretty good results. You'll find hidden drawers in drawers, hidden rooms behind book cases, even book cases right out of a 007 movie with hidden doors and drawers. These are all great ideas, except, the Gun Sniffing Canine. Yeah, he's a rat bastard for taking that job. You can hide things in the ground, but ground penetrating radar. You can hide things in the wall, but wall penetrating radar. Dammit, what do you do? That's what I'm about to tell you.

Is there a gun confiscation on the horizon? gun confiscation, meh, I don't see it, but for your educational entertainment, or would that be edutainment? Here's the plan, the government has all kinds of toys to find things, and those toys are pretty good, unless you confuse the toy or the operator.

Gun sniffing dogs. You can't run from a dog, you can't hide from a dog, until you confuse the dog, or it's handler. I'm sure you're wondering how a dog knows what a gun smells like, and Imagonna tell you. It's not the metal, or plastic that the gun is made out of, it's what the gun shoots. Gun sniffing dogs were first trained to sniff out burnt gun powder. Every firearm is test fired at the manufacturer, so now it smells like burnt gun powder, eventually, that smell could be cleaned off, so now dogs are trained to sniff out the combination of things that are used on guns. Burnt gun powder, cleaners, solvents, oils, etc. as a whole. It's the overall smell of firearms that dogs are trained to detect. Some dogs are good at it, some dogs are great at it, some dogs are just stupid and follow their handlers lead. The Fed Gov used to have a drug dog that had a affection for cheese. During searches, if you had a cheese sandwich in your automobile, the dog would alert and your automobile would be searched for drugs. Yeah, that's nasty, dirty, rotten cheating right there. There was another dog that liked the smell of gasoline and would alert to the gas cap. Both dogs would alert to drugs as well, but cheesy and gassy (that's not their real names) would also give false alerts. The handlers finally realized the error of the ways of the canines. I don't know what happened to those dogs, hopefully they retired early and are someone's pet.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Baldwin v Brady 2011 gun crimes

Yesterday, I compared the Baldwin top ten states with the least restrictive gun laws to the Brady top ten states with the most restrictive gun laws with regards to the violent crime and murder rates. Of course states with the least restrictive gun laws have lower crime rates, but what about gun crimes? Certainly, states that don't prohibit their citizens from carrying loaded, concealed guns in public places must have more gun crime, right? At least that's what the anti-rights cultists want you to believe. Let's take a look at the Brady states:

Information was obtained from the FBI Uniform Crime Reports Table 20, Table 21, and Table 22

Hawaii information is absent from the UCR and therefore could not be included in the robberies or aggravated assaults.

Once again, the states that suppress the rights of the citizens come in below the national average. Does this mean that gun control laws work at reducing gun crime? No.

As you can see in this table, in the states with the least restrictive gun laws, guns are used in robberies 22% LESS, 28% LESS in aggravated assaults and 16.70% LESS in homicides than the states with the most restrictive gun laws. Apparently more guns do not mean more gun crimes nor does more restrictive gun laws mean less gun crime.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Baldwin v Brady 2011 crime rates

Earlier this year I compared the Brady Top Ten states with the most restrictive gun laws to the Baldwin Top Ten states with the least restrictive gun laws with regards to the Violent Crime Rates and the Murder/Non-negligent Homicide Rates. (All information was obtained from the FBI Uniform Crime Reports, 2011, Table 5)

As you would expect, the Baldwin Top Ten states had lower violent crime rates as well as lower homicide rates than did the Brady Top Ten. Here's what it looks like:

The violent crime rate for Illinois does not include data from Chicago. The data collection methodology for the offense of forcible rape used by Chicago, Illinois does not comply with national UCR Program guidelines.

Once again, the Brady top ten states came in under the national average, but barely

And, the Baldwin Top Ten:

Yes, once again, the gun loving states have lower violent crime and homicide rates than the national average and the Brady Paradises. Just so you boys and girls don't have to do the math, the Baldwin states have a 28.72% LOWER Violent Crime Rate and a 33.50% LOWER Murder Rate than the gun hating states that the Brady Bunch loves so much.

When I get some time in the next couple of days, I'll compare the gun crime rates between the Brady Top Ten and the Baldwin Top Ten.

PS: BS is the Brady Score

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


A teenager was threatened by three men holding a gun and knives when they broke into her western Sydney home. Yeah, that same Australia where guns are illegaler than home invasions.

Investigators say a group of six to eight men knocked on the door of a home in the 1100 block of South Pacific Ave., around 10pm. Police say the 16-year-old that answered the door was pistol whipped, while another 16-year-old and 12-year-old in the house weren’t hurt. It makes sense that Canadians are limited to 10 round magazines, you only need eight bullets to protect yourself. Good thing Canada requires safe storage, too.

NEWBURGH, NY – Man commits a homicide, DA offers immunity and $250 for him to turn in his gun.

NORTHPORT, Alabama is making plans to ask people exercising their rights to leave public property. Interesting enough, the only rights being violated are the ones protected by the First Amendment. Guns are welcome. Oh, wait, I got that backwards.  According to state law, people can openly carry handguns while on foot in public but city administrator Scott Collins said the city will not allow an openly carried gun to become a public safety concern in its facilities and parks. I guess city administrators don't have to follow state law.

Because killing someone with a gun is illegal. David Walker, 29, is accused of killing Moring with a baseball bat, according to Phoenix police.

On a positive note, TSA actually caught a terrorist.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

VPC Cars v Guns, an analysis

The Violence Policy Center well, more like the WE HATE GUNS Policy Center because the ONLY violence these wretches care about is gun death.. Sorry, where was I? Oh, yeah. VPC just release a "analysis" of 'gun death' verses motor vehicle fatalities in the DMV, which is supposed to stand for the District of Columbia (DC), Maryland and Virginia. Let's take a look at their claims from their press release.

In the District of Columbia there were 99 firearm deaths reported in 2010, 84 of which were identified as homicides and 13 of which were identified as suicides. That same year, there were 38 motor vehicle deaths in the District.

and further down.

Motor vehicle deaths are on the decline as the result of a successful decades-long public health-based injury prevention strategy that includes safety-related changes to vehicles and highway design informed by comprehensive data collection and analysis. Meanwhile, firearms are the only consumer product not regulated by the federal government for health and safety. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

DC v US homicide rate 1960-2011 a graph

big, huge, graph comparing the DC Homicide rate to the US homicide rate from 1960 to 2011 with timeline of control groups and federal gun laws and DC gun law.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

More suicide information

I'm involved in a conversation on the Brady Campaign Facebook site about gun control and suicide. I made a comment about the declining murder rate and Andrew Goddard pointed out that I didn't include suicides with my 'gun death' numbers. I responded that suicide is independent of method and pointed out that Canada's suicide rate is similar to that of the United States, but the US has three times more firearms. Facebooker (yeah, I made that up) Brent Gurtek was interested in more information regarding the changes in the suicide rate in Canada compared with the changes in Canada's gun laws. If I did all that research, I may as well write a post about it. I'm surprised that my posts have been allowed to stay as long as they have (nearly 24 hours) except for links that I provided for the FBI Uniform Crime reports, those were deleted. Anywho....

From Statistics Canada we get the actual number of persons that committed suicide. Doing the math, with their estimated population, we see that the suicide rate in Canada rising. US suicide rate is from the CDC.

Now, let's compare their rising suicide rates with their gun laws.

Links and snark

Quit blaming the hoodie. 1 adult, three kids killed. Three others injured in Baltimore. It's a good thing they have strong gun laws.

More gun control fail. Phuket even. Man shot in head, may have been suicide, police not believing it. I wonder where the gun came from.

Gun control fail, again. This time it's the NFA. the law sez you have to pay a tax to make these, apparently criminals don't follow the law. Who wudda thunk it?

New Haven teens getting in on the DIY action. No dogs were injured in the making of this news story.

Le Roy, NY has some strong gun laws. Apparently, though, you can make your own grenades, but it's still against the law. But wait, there's more "A long gun, also believed to be handmade or at least altered, was removed from the car about 8:45 a.m." I wonder how that one gets listed in the FBI UCR.

House invaded in the Gumlog section of Stephens County. from the report "...four subjects armed with handguns and long guns forced their way into a residence,"...and what did the homeowner do? "...During the incident, one of the occupants of the home was able to retrieve an assault rifle that he kept at the residence and subsequently shot one of the intruders." Whew, I'm glad there's a happy ending.

That's all, carry on.

microlaserengravedstamping is the answer to NY gun crime

State Senator Daniel Squadron (D-25th district) is calling for a special legislative session aimed at passing statewide gun control measures that would make New York’s gun laws the strongest in the country, as reported by thevillager.

What's this statewide gun control measure you ask? Microstamping of course. You know where the puts a stamp on umm.... I'll let the writer for thevillager explain it.

Microstamping uses lasers to stamp a numeric code onto bullet shell casings, theoretically making it easier for police to track individual casings left at a crime scene back to the gun — and the shooter — that fired them. -thevillager admin

And how would this laser engraved stamp lead to the gun and the shooter. Well, because it's the licensed gun owners, that have registered their guns with the government of NY that doing all the shooting, or not.

According to the New York Daily News

Virginia is already the single biggest supplier of guns used by criminals in the city.

I wonder how that microlaserengravedstamping is going to fix that.

and according to
Those shootings brought to eight the number of NYPD officers who have been shot in recent months—one of them resulting in a fatality—and, according to Bloomberg, all the guns used in those events were illegally owned.

so, somehow having teany tiny laserstamping is going to.....make all the thugs register their newly stolen or otherwise acquired firearm?

Washington Post, can I get a comment please
Virginia gun dealers were the most important source of crime guns illegally trafficked along Interstate 95, also known as the “iron pipeline” from the Southeast to the states in the Northeast corridor.

I don't know what's worse, thinking that microstamping is the answer to gun crimes are believing that there are little lasers in the gun stamping marks on the shell casings.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Murders and Unknown type of firearms

This is really more of an addendum to my previous Gun Control post.

While researching information for something else, I noticed a trend in the number of murders committed with an unknown type of firearm. As I posted in the Gun Control post, there are three possible answers on the Uniform Crime Report with regards to homicide and types of weapons. Those being, Handgun, Rifle, or Shotgun. In addition to listing the type of weapon, the person filling out the form, must also include how the weapon was used. An example in the Handbook is a perpetrator using a glass bottle. While a glass bottle would normally be considered a blunt object, if it's broken, and used to cut or stab, then the FBI will show it as a cutting weapon instead of a blunt weapon. The same is true for a shotgun. If a shotgun is used as a bat, instead of a shooting instrument, it will be listed as a blunt object instead of a firearm.

If a piece of pipe is used in a homicide, but that pipe contained a shotgun shell, and the cause of death was from being shot, then the weapon will be listed as a firearm, but will be listed as firearm "type unknown". This is not to say that all of the homicides listed under firearm type unknown on table 20 are from homemade firearms. Sometimes a person will be killed with a firearm but the firearm isn't recovered and that too will be listed as firearm type unknown. ALSO, a homemade zip gun using shotgun shells will be listed as firearm type shotgun. Unfortunately, there are no clear instructions in the handbook on how to list homemade firearms and with 14,478 homicide reports being submitted, in 2010, to the FBI, we 14,478 descriptions of weapons used. On to the visual aid....

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

CSGV has their racism showing

According to the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, you must be black to live in the inner-cities, be poor, lack discipline and have bad character.....Exhibit A

How do we know that this is a comment against blacks? Because the CSGV is quite white, as well as Paul Ryan. If someone said that Al Sharpton made a racial comment, well, we'd all know that he was talking about some white folks.

The actual quote from Ryan was...

"We have lots of laws that aren't being properly enforced. We need to make sure we enforce these laws. But the best thing to help prevent violent crime in the inner cities is to bring opportunity in the inner cities, is to help people get out of poverty in the inner cities, is to help teach people good discipline, good character. That is civil society. That's what charities, and civic groups, and churches do to help one another make sure that they can realize the value in one another."

Heh, but Ryan is the racist. I think not.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Gun Control Works...

...on law abiding citizens. Let me first define "Law Abiding Citizen". This is a person, who can legally own a firearm under federal law. The anti-rights cultists latest claim is...

One of their beloved claims is that requiring back ground checks on all transfers will prevent criminals from buying firearms from private sellers. Be that as it may, it won't prevent criminals from buying firearms from friends, family, or other criminals. According to a November, 2001 report by the Bureau of Justice Statistics here (pdf) (yeah, I know it's old, but it's the latest one available), nearly 80% of offenders get their guns from friends and family, (39.6%) or the black market (39.2%). My question to the antis is "What would compel a criminal seller to conduct a background check on a criminal buyer?" The short answer is NOTHING. We will have nearly 40% of offenders that won't be affected by a universal background check law. Next question, what would compel a family member or friend, who knowing transfers a firearm to his criminal family member or friend, to run a background check? The answer, nothing short of registration. Keep this in mind the next time some anti calls for background checks, it's the stepping stone to registration. NEXT.

Friday, October 5, 2012

The Truth about the Homicide Rate and violent crime

We all hear it every day from the anti-rights cultists, their blind followers, the main stream media. "Gun violence is at epidemic proportions." But, what's the truth about the gun violence? The truth is, the homicide rate is nearly the lowest level it's been in 50 years. 1962 had a homicide rate of 4.6, 2011 had a homicide rate of 4.7.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Assault Weapons Ban, more questions than answers

The anti-rights cultists are always calling for a renewed assault weapons ban, especially so in a presidential election year. They won't get it, they don't get it, that they won't get it, but yet, they waste everyone's time wanting to get it. Get it? Me neither. Keep in mind, too, that the expired federal assault weapons ban included full size magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. Why ten rounds? I don't know. They claim that with more than 10 rounds, someone can go on a killing spree and kill more than 10 people. Why killing 10 people is acceptable to the anti-rights cultists but killing 11 is not it anyone's guess.

Ladd Everitt and CSGV feeling inadequate

In a tweet, today, Ladd and company posted a picture of Cody Wilson, the young law student behind the wiki weapon project.

(yeah, bitches, you can block me all you want, I can still see your tweets)

and obviously refer to him as an insurrectionist. It's also obvious that  Ladd  Everitt is too scared to come play with the big boys, so he has to pick on someone else. Ladd, you must feel miserably inadequate to have to stoop to something like that.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Joan Peterson - She can't handle the truth

Joan Peterson, the owner of common gunsense blog, is having a little bit of a problem handling the truth. In her blog post Homicide Victims, she rambles on about how many homicide victims there are as a result of being shot with a firearm. and then presents the reader with this little jewel:

That comes out to 3.7 per 100,000- the most gun homicide deaths of any other civilized country not at war.

The anti-rights cultists bigots have been spouting this one for a while, along with "wealthy nations" and "industrialized countries", "developed nations", etc. I'm guess Joan and company don't keep up with current events because ummm, AFGHANISTAN, IRAQ, WAR ON DRUGS, WAR ON TERROR....

Moving on... I dropped Joan a comment reminding her that we are, in fact, at war and responded to another little lie she published:

Gun-related homicides have increased slightly each year since 2002.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Indonesia wants to confiscate legal guns

Indonesia, another Brady paradise. Although civilians are allowed to own firearms, according to, civilians must get a permit to own a firearm, and of course they must register it. Also, the permits are limited to the special class of people. According to The Jakarta Globe:

Under Indonesia's gun laws, only citizens employed in select professions can be issued a gun permit. Among those allowed to legally pack heat in Indonesia are doctors, public officials, lawmakers, members of the military and police and corporate heads.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Reactive Target Ban Loophole?

Back in February sometime there was some hoopla about Binary Explosive Targets over in Maryland. As far as my research can tell, no one has been arrested for misusing a binary explosive target and a news article confirms this. So why outlaw the use of reactive targets? Because some panty waste prick got his g-string all up in a twist as far as I can tell.

From the news story in Feb.

"Once I mix it, I have a high-explosive compound. In order to have a high explosive in my possession, in order to make it, in order to use it (in) the state of Maryland, you must have a license," says Deputy State Fire Marshal Joe Flanagan

Waaaahhhhh you Dumbass.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More killin', Dennis Henigan style

Just some headlines, and of course, my comments. Before we get to that, something happened to the Chicago data, the post is gone. I don't know what happened to it, if I have the time, or inclination, I'll look into it. On to the headlines

The TSA Rat Bastards are getting an earful from Tennessee Congressman Marsha Blackburn.

"...This report details highly disturbing cases where pedophiles and child pornographers wearing federal law enforcement uniforms are not only patting down unsuspecting travelers, but in many cases stealing valuables from their bags..."

Here's a question for you, if a thief is stealing valuables, he's committing a crime, right? Of course. If a pedophile is patting down a child, isn't he also committing a crime?

Thursday, May 31, 2012

CSGV: Can't Handle The Truth Edition.

I was over at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) Facebook page and noticed a comment from one of their, umm, what do you call people that comment on your Facebook? We'll go with Facebook commenter. This commenter, Marche, commented that she copied a pasted a comment by someone else. Her copy/paste was, in part:

Airport security breach thwarted by...counting

Apparently the security is so lax at San Diego International Airport, that a man bypasses TSA screening and boards plane with no ticket.

Wait, what? Yep, you read that right.

Hours after being released from jail, a man walked through an emergency door at San Diego International Airport, onto the tarmac and sat down on a United Express plane Tuesday, according to San Diego authorities.

But, there's more

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

La, Chicago, more La, tab clearing

I've got a few minutes waiting on a phone call and I thought I'd clear out some tabs.

La is doing some mighty fine work. Their state legislators were apparently upset that they didn't make it to the Baldwin Top Ten. When it costs as much as it does for a CCW and takes forever to get one, you lose points, me personally, I don't have one because I don't need one, or want one, but the fine citizens over in Louisiana that do want one have to wait, and wait, and wait and when I was doing the scoring for the Baldwin Top Ten gun friendly states, this cost the state 10 or 15 points, I forget. Anyway, SB 303 has passed committee, the House, the Senate, another committee and it looks like it is headed to the Ballot for the good people of Louisiana to vote on it. For those that don't know, SB 303 is a Constitutional amendment that declares that the right to own, purchase, possess, use, transport, etc. is a fundamental right and any laws prohibiting these rights must pass strict scrutiny.

Chicago has finally realized that they have a gang problem. Yes, those thugs that are criminals that don't register their firearms with the local government seem to be a problem.

What do they plan on doing about it?

On Tuesday, Emanuel and McCarthy outlined their strategy for dealing with Chicago’s gun violence — including improved intelligence on gang activity, increased efforts to rid communities of the “cancer” of liquor stores where much of the violence occurs, and ridding the streets of guns responsible for so much of that violence.

1. Gather intelligence on gang activity.
2. Rid the city of liquor
3. Rid the streets of guns.

I'm sure by "ridding the streets of guns" he's talking about increasing the fees to register firearms, or for a gun owner to possess TWO separate firearm owner cards, because, you know, all the street gangs these days are registering their firearms.

Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy noted:

70-80 percent of the shootings are gang related and that “4 percent of the population drives 90 percent of the violence in the city.”

So, the other 96% must the law abiding citizens that actually adhere to the law, and the ones that are punished by having to abide by the strict gun control laws.

Heading back to Louisiana, some ass wipe introduced a bill that would make it a crime to discharge a firearm within a 1000 feet of a residence in unincorporated areas of the state. Yes, it would have been against the law to target practice in your own back yard. The bill got struck down, but this is what the anti's mean when they talk about stronger laws, they mean MORE laws. You see, La already has a law that makes it a Felony to discharge a firearm (or do anything with anything) when it's foreseeable that it may result in death or great bodily harm to a human. You can find that in La RS 14:94(a). You see, it's already against the law to discharge a firearm when it's dangerous to other people, but MORE laws would make it even more illegaler. Well, not quite, because HB 204 would make it a misdemeanor.

I have a gun range on my ranch. It's set up near the house, but we fire away from the home (I don't want to be shooting toward my home, do I?). A law like this would make that a crime. I suppose they'd prefer someone in my situation fire toward the home. Dumbasses.

Still no phone call, but that's all I've got for now. What do you think about the LA law?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Another anti gun blogger, more lies

So, some nasty jack something another has a blog, and seems to be in some three way partnership with Joan Peters and Baldr O(something) for promoting each other's blogs. In the event you didn't know, Joan and Baldr are gun haters and anti-rights enthusiasts.

Back to nasty jack. Nasty (as I'm sure his fiends call him) wrote a post bashing the NRA so this let's us know his position on gun ownership as well. In his post he Lies when he says this:

Wayne LaPierre has served as the NRA head since 1991 and during his reign has produced the loosest gun laws ever enacted in the U.S., perhaps the world, which have resulted in a rapid increase in gun deaths.

Friday, May 25, 2012

More TSA Rat Bastard Asshattery

I hate the TSA. This agency is an abomination to the 4th Amendment. They're clueless, worthless, and useless. Dumbasses.

We've all heard or read about the TSA storing millions of dollars worth of useless equipment, but apparently they're not happy with having equipment just sitting around in warehouses, now they want to spend another $3M on toys such as Ipods, Iphones, and Ipads. I wonder if someone within the TSA is related to an apple store owner.

John Pistole changed screening for children under 12 last fall so they could leave shoes on and avoid, in most cases, invasive pat downs, but then hires a Catholic priest who was removed from the ministry over sex abuse allegations. Yeah, that'll make it easier on the kids.

Of course, TSA Rat Bastards don't limit their groping to the kids, they like to feel up cancer survivors and make them remove their prosthetic breast, while standing in line. Dumbass Rat Bastards.

When asked what the problem is, Pistole agreed that it's a lack of training. No, Dumbass, it's because the entire agency has their heads up their asses, oh, and they hire sex offenders who like to feel up kids, and grandmas, and Congressmen, oh, and kids. Dumbasses

Let's go back to private security and shut down this dumbass agency.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

What about the homeless and 2A rights

In DC v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008), the Court ruled that the Second Amendment protects an individual's right to possess a firearm, unconnected to service in a militia and for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home. In McDonald v. Chicago, 561 U.S. 3025 (2010), the Court ruled that the protections of the Second Amendment also apply to the states.

What about the homeless?

Alaska, cars used in suicide more often than reported

The original title of this post was "Analysis of VPC's Car deaths V Gun deaths" but read on to see why it was changed.

The Violence Policy Center (VPC) has graced us with yet another 'study' (and a neat little graph) about motor vehicle deaths v firearm deaths and claim: Gun Deaths Outpace Motor Vehicle Deaths in 10 States in 2009 New Analysis Shows (I guess guns are still safer in the rest of the US)

2A proponents often bring up motor vehicle deaths when some anti-rights crybaby brings up the unintended deaths by firearms. These unintended deaths arise out from accidental and negligent discharges, whereas motor vehicle deaths arise from accidental and negligent motor vehicle crashes.

(very interesting graph after the jump)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dennis 'give em bats and knives' Henigan would be proud

Dennis A., give 'em bats and knives to kill, Henigan Vice President, Brady Campaign should be proud of his work.

Washington Post is reporting that a woman was stabbed to death, but wait, DenHen get's a twofer for this one, she was pregnant. I wonder how Denny will explain to the family that these deaths don't count as much as a 'gun death'.

Monday, May 14, 2012

NYPD has tax payer funded private security

Yeah, you read that title right. Apparently their stuff is more important than the stuff of the citizens of New York, so now they have private security in their locker room, all funded by the tax payers. I wonder why they don't post security details at everyone's homes that were broken into, or had things stolen.

NYPOST Cops’ house louse

Instead of hitting the streets, cops are being paid to patrol an NYPD locker room.

Because, apparently, their stuff is more important than the stuff of the citizens of NYC.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Suicide, gun ownership and rates

The anti-rights establishment has set a metric, or a unit of measurement, of violence in the United States. They call it 'gun death' while turning a blind eye to the rest of the violent crime. In this unit of measurement they count suicide by gun and claim "30,000 people are killed every year by guns". A more honest statement would be that 30,000 people are killed every year by being shot, either by themselves or by someone else. The antis claim that having a gun in the home increases the risk of suicide 90% - 460%. (Wow, that's a huge spectrum from 90 - 460).

Saturday, May 12, 2012

More Illinois gun control fail.

via thegunwire

Chicago Sun Times: Felon charged with selling 47 guns to federal informant

A convicted felon is charged in federal court with illegally supplying 47 guns to an informant who secretly recorded the transactions on the South Side.

But, but, it's illegal for a felon to receive or posses a firearm. "WE NEED STRONGER LAWS" the antis cry. I never did understand this 'stronger laws' thing. Do you change the law to read "it's extra illegal for a felon to posses a firearm"? No, what the antis mean is that they want MORE laws. What we have here is a prohibited person that didn't follow the law. Not only did he not follow one law, but he failed to obey MORE laws. You see, in Illinois, before taking possession of a firearm, the potential buyer must posses a firearm owner identification card (FOID).

Friday, May 11, 2012

Ladd Everitt (CSGV) now says SYG is ok.

Ladd Everitt (above, with something suspicious pointing at his head), continues with his histrionics in his latest drivel: Why ‘Stand Your Ground’ is really ‘Kill at Will’

What do you call a law that allows a person to shoot and kill another human being when they could otherwise walk away safely?

You see what he did there? He's portraying a potentially life or death situation like a day at the beach.

But, of course, Zimmerman had been carrying a gun and following — some would say stalking — young black men in his community for months before he ever encountered Trayvon Martin. He even notified police when he did so. More important, however, is the fact that Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law removes an individual’s duty to retreat from a conflict in public even when he can safely do so.

Gun control groups prove gun control doesn't work

The vast majority of national gun control groups call for assault weapons bans. Today, we are taking a look at why.

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) states:

Some assault weapon features, like pistol grips, second handgrips, or barrel shrouds, make the gun easier to hold with two hands. This allows the shooter to spray an area with bullets without taking careful aim, and to control the gun without getting burned as the barrel heats up. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

CSGV lethal force is ok for some, not others

I get back to my office and look at twitter to see a conversation going on between a few people and CSGV about Zimmerman/Martin and of course, I have to chime in.

The leading statement was:

Wrong, you only need fear "great bodily harm," NOT death.

There are few things that are more harmful than a woman being raped, so I asked:

Pro-Gun Control may be Mental Disorder

The reaction from the gun control crowd to incidents of gun use is sometimes reminiscent of the pants shitting hysterics that you'd sometimes see from a 13 year old school girl when some life altering event, like her hair 'not doing right', is on the verge of destroying her life.

Histrionic: \his-tree-on-ik\: essentially it's intentional over reaction or over acting, but also.

Histrionic personality disorder: 
Histrionic personality disorder is characterized by a long-standing pattern of attention seeking behavior and extreme emotionality.
...sometimes dramatic, they have difficulty when people aren't focused exclusively on them. People with this disorder may be perceived as being shallow, and may engage in sexually seductive or provocating behavior to draw attention to themselves.

People with HPD have a high need for attention... exaggerate all of their behaviors and emotions, crave stimulation and usually make a big deal about nothing.

Let's see some reactions or, over reactions as the case may be.

Monday, May 7, 2012

To Cache or not to Cache

Cache: noun \kash\

1 a : a hiding place especially for concealing and preserving provisions or implements
  b : a secure place of storage
2 : something hidden or stored in a cache

I've wondered, what makes a collection of weapons a cache of weapons? According to the above definition, it must be hidden, secured, or something hidden or stored in a hidden or secure place. It seems, to the Main Stream News Media, a cache of weapons is a great headline and two or more weapons. My goodness, I must have an arsenal then. On to the news.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Just a little bit of Snark today

So much for the safety of Gun Free Zones. Second woman shot at Md. Church is on life support, not because she might live, but so that she can donate organs to others.

I think maybe the Chinese are helping to buy those 68,000 guns heading to Mexico. What's next to exercise your rights, retina scans?

According to Dennis 'give 'em all baseball bats and knives' Henigan, getting beat to death with a baseball bat is far better than getting shot to death. Hey DenHen, here's a twofer fer ya.

TSA still terrorizing and sexually molesting Seniors. Hey TSA you can SUCK MY ASS. If you don't like that, come arrest me, I dare you.

TSA taking $2,400 bribes to let drugs through. I wonder how much it would cost to get a bomb through.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

More CSGV deception

It seems that the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has been on an advertising blitz regarding the Second Amendment debates back in the 1780s. Their claim is that openly carrying handguns was never debated regarding the Second Amendment. (They also cling to their interpretation that the 2A only refers to militia service and we all know that's been settled at the Supreme Court level).

Individuals carrying handguns in public was never so much as mentioned in debates over 2nd Amdt.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Avoiding the Truth: CSGV edition

Apparently CSGV likes to tweet what they think is the truth, but when confronted with the actual truth or they have no spin, they'll drop the subject, tuck their tail and move on.

CSGV "The government's FIRST and most important duty is to protect the public. Without that, there is no government"

Bill Baldwin "LULZ, government has no duty to protect individual, only public in general per SCOTUS. get a clue CSGV"

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Vegas mom and child raped and killed

And this is why you should take advantage of your rights protected by the Second Amendment to the US Constitution.

Man Booked in Hammer Deaths of Vegas Mom, Child

Using a hammer as a weapon, a "complete stranger" with no significant criminal history allegedly chose a family at random and attacked them in their home, killing a woman and her daughter, in a brutal crime that left investigators both baffled and aghast.
 This is an absolutely ghastly and gruesome crime. Had he used a firearm, the antis would have been all over this, but since it's just a 'hammer death', they don't care.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Explaining ATF Trace Data

I was questioned by an associate about how I arrived at my percentages (72%) for the the unaccounted for firearms in my last post about ATF trace data in MX. His understanding (and that of the media) was that of 99K firearms submitted to ATF for tracing 68K came from the US. While that's true, it's not accurate. I'll walk you through it.

99,691 (100%) firearms were submitted to ATF for tracing. This number doesn't represent all of the firearms recovered in MX, but those that the MX government suspected of coming from the US.

Friday, April 27, 2012

ATF Number are in

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and huge freaking fires (ATF) has released it's much anticipated 2007-2011 Mexico Gun Trace Data. While I don't have access to one of those little thumb drives they handed out to the media, I do have access to the data itself, and so do you, and so does the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and other anti-rights establishment representatives and they're going into pant shitting hysterics.

First, I'll post their twitter feeds and then we'll look at the numbers.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

TSA tormenting kids, again, Rat Bastards

I have never been groped by the TSA Rat Bastards and never plan on it happening. An acquaintance asked me "how can you call them Rat Bastards if you've never been through a TSA pat down"? I've never been molested by a pedophile either, and they are still Rat Bastards, that's how.

The Consumerist relates a story from Facebook. According to the poster, she and her kids got through the checkpoint without trouble but grandma had triggered the alarm. She went through the scanner again, but the screener could not firmly ID what was setting off the alarm, and grandma was asked to have a seat and wait for a pat-down.

This is when the 4-year-old ran over to give grandma a hug:

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Domestic Violence? Blame the NRA

According to the anti-rights establishment, everything is the fault of the NRA, global warming, violence across the world, world hunger, everything. If there is a firearm involved, it's because of the NRA. This latest edition of Blame the NRA comes from the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

Posted on their Facebook page is a link to an article from pressdemocrat about a judge that didn't issue a restraining order against an abusive husband, and then they blame the NRA. The reason they blame the NRA is because the abusive husband, shot and killed his wife while she was leaving her divorce attorney's office. This happened in Sonoma County, CA. They should be blaming the death of this woman on the Brady Bunch. This man didn't get a gun because of the NRA, the wife couldn't carry one because of the Brandy Bunch and the restrictive gun laws of the state of California.

Friday, April 20, 2012

CSGV..Gun laws don't work

The Coalition to stop gun ownership violence is at it again, but got called on their lies. In their tweet messages, the contend that the private sale 'loophole' was responsible for the Columbine school shooting. They claim that the shooting was preventable if only we had just one more law, a law that would require everyone to have a background check prior to purchasing a firearm. Indeed, a law that would require that every purchaser pass a NICS check, would reduce the number of criminals or otherwise prohibited persons from legally purchasing a firearm. The problem, criminals simply don't obey the law, whether selling firearms or buying firearms or using firearms to commit crimes. CSGV agrees.

The blind Anti-Rights Establishment

RE: George Zimmerman. They claimed high and low that there were no injuries to George Zimmerman.

Now they will claim it's a fake in 3....2....1....

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Another Student reaction to SB303

LSUReveille has another response to SB 303. This time by one of its 'columnists'.

Scum of the Girth: Proposed gun amendment to La. Constitution goes too far

New Orleans had 199 homicides in 2011, making it America’s most deadly city. The three years prior, saw an average of 175 murders annually, according to The Times-Picayune.

Baton Rouge averaged 30 murders for every 100,000 people in 2011, placing seventh on the nationwide list.

A proposed amendment to the state constitution making its way through the legislature would make guns easier to get. Simple as that.

Really not quite simple as that. The requirement now to purchase a firearm are that you are not a prohibited person. Persons who make the prohibited list are felons and wife beaters. SB303 would change none of that.

The lawmakers can call it protecting the Second Amendment, as if the government would ever be crazy enough to try to disarm citizens. The only reason disarmament worked in the U.K. is because the British prefer to beat and stab each other.

I see you've put very little fact checking into your little article. It must be an opinion piece. You've obviously forgot about the unlawful gun confiscation during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Yep, that's the same hurricane when the NOPD were killing people in cold blood. It makes you wonder why they wanted the population unarmed.

Although the US has a higher murder rate than the UK, the UK has a violent crime rate 5 times that of the US. Disarmament only worked in the UK to allow a safer working environment for the rapist and robbers.

The proposed amendment could go so far as to allow guns in churches and schools.
Has anyone ever sat in church and been disappointed they left their pistol at home? Do people actually do that?

Had anyone done the slightest little bit of fact checking, they would know about the recent incident in which a church memeber with a concealed carry permit disarmed a man with a shotgun in church in S.C.

Giving ordinary citizens the right to essentially “play police” after an afternoon or two of training is ludicrous.

The Constitutional amendment gives no policing authority to the citizens of Louisiana, it merely protects the citizens' right to keep and bear arms. In the state of Louisiana, citizens can openly carry firearms without any type of permit (the way it should be) and carry concealed weapons with a permit. SB 303 does not change that.

I recently received an e-mail from a gentleman from New Hampshire. He gave me the link to a Fox News story about a female student in Nevada who was sexually assaulted walking to her car on her university campus late at night.The woman had a concealed weapons license but was not allowed to carry the weapon on campus.

What do you say to something like this? Obviously, we all wish this woman had been carrying her handgun at the time. This is a situation when lethal force is needed for a person to protect herself. But if we allow this woman to carry a gun on campus, we have to allow everyone else to do the same. That includes individuals like Anders Breivik, the Virginia Tech shooters and the clock tower sniper from the University of Texas.

With the laws currently in place, it’s still possible for a shooter to easily come to campus. So why amend the constitution to make their job easier?

These people that you mentioned were in violation of the laws the moment they stepped foot on campus (except Charles Whitman, I don't think it was in violation of the law to carry a firearm on campus). The law and "no guns" sign did nothing to prevent these people from killing. What could have stopped them is if just one student or faculty member would have been carry a firearm.

It's not hard for someone intent on killing his classmates to conceal a firearm and carry on campus, SB303 wouldn't make it easier or harder.

Why make it so an individual in plain clothes with a holstered revolver no longer stands out as unusual? We have to find a balance. Instances like the one in Nevada should never occur because a person cannot adequately protect themselves. That being said, we cannot toss a Glock 9mm at anyone who wants it.

I have never read or heard of a person who was openly carrying a firearm to go on a shooting spree on school campus. When a person openly carries a firearm, he is noticed. This is why, even though it's legal to openly carry a firearm, criminals tend to conceal theirs.

If the constitution is amended, which I believe it likely will be, the state must take measures to protect the rights of those who do not carry guns equally as much as they protect the rights of those who pack heat on the daily.

I absolutely agree. When was the last time you had to show identification to purchase a pen? I have to show an Id every time I purchase a firearm. If you're in the park writing notes, you'll never be questioned by the police, if I'm sitting in the park, you bet a police officer will want to talk to me to ask why I'm carrying a firearm.

Lengthier and more thorough training is needed for individuals who wish to carry a concealed weapon, along with a more intensive psychological examination.

There is no data to indicate that the training requirement for a concealed license is lacking in any manner. Had you done any fact checking, you would have known that.

We must keep guns out of the classroom and preferably off campus entirely. If students feel unsafe on campus, I advise them to make use of non-lethal projectile weapons, like taser guns or mace.
You'll never keep guns out of the classroom or off campus entirely. The moment someone decides to go on a killing spree is the moment your 'gun free zone' sign failed.

Raping or robbing anyone should be the most dangerous activity a person should take part in. Shooting them with a Taser or pepper spray may not be effective. There are plenty of news reports of Tasers not being effective in the hands of the police, imagine how bad it could turn out without a back up weapon.

Instead of Student Government spending time and money establishing a campus-wide recycling program or rerouting a drunk bus to downtown, maybe they should work to have panic buttons installed across campus or improve LSUPD’s late-night presence.

Yes, because when seconds count, the police are always minutes away. Why not just let the citizens protect themselves?

Gun rights are not in jeopardy. Citizens will forever have the right to compensate for their inadequate sexual abilities with a jet black semi-automatic.

Now you just sunk from being an misinformed 'columnist' to an anti-rights bigot.

The Second Amendment gives citizens “the right to keep and bear arms.” 

Correction, the Second Amendment doesn't give a citizen rights, it protects inalienable rights that are granted by birth.

Nowhere does it say “all the damn time.”

Nor does it say "part time" but it does say "Shall Not Be Infringed"

Houston....We have a problem


MPD, Houston Police Department officers and Harris County Precinct 7 Deputy Constables will take part in a synchronized, counter-terrorism exercise on Friday, April 13, focusing on bus routes, bus stops and shelters, and Transit Centers in high traffic areas. The participating agencies will: ride buses, perform random bag checks, and conduct K-9 sweeps, as well as place uniformed and plainclothes officers at Transit Centers and rail platforms to detect, prevent and address latent criminal activity or behavior.

Terrorism, do you say? On a Metro Bus? I don't think so you jack wagons. Petty crime, yes. Purse snatching, harassment, assaults, all yes. Terrorism? Pull your heads out of your asses, bitches. You ass wipes should be more concerned with the rouge bus traveling towards a target with no riders, than the bus making stops at metro shelters. Do you really think a suicide bomber will be sitting on a bench waiting on a bus? Dumbasses!

While local law enforcement agencies focus on overall safety measures noted above, representatives with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA [RAT BASTARDS]) will also be on hand, lending their counter-terrorism expertise and support during the exercise.

Counter-Terrorism expertise? You've got to be kidding me, Rat Bastards. Terrorism expertise perhaps. There is no other federal agency that has terrorized the American travelers more than TSA

“We have one of the safest transit systems in the world in Houston,” said METRO Police Chief Victor Rodriguez. “One way we are able to keep it that way is through the use of deterrents such as uniformed and plainclothes officers patrolling our system and aggressively addressing suspicious and criminal activity.”

If you have one of the safest transit systems in the world, already, tell us Chief Dumbass, why are we moving up to random bag searches? Asshat!

METRO Police encourage patrons, employees and the general public, if they see suspicious activity, objects or behavior, to say something by reporting it immediately by calling METRO Police at 713-224-COPS (2677), or dial #MPD, a free call from most cell phones.

Well, I see something MIGHTY SUSPICIOUS! I see some very suspicious activity coming from Metro Police and TSA with RANDOM BAG SEARCHES, randomly questioning the traveling public on their destination and K-9 searches that aren't even accurate.

I regret to inform you, America, the terrorists have won.

Beginning of the End

Well, this certainly isn't good. I think I would have to rank this on the What The Hell side on the Bad scale. According to an article by Aljazeera: Gulf seafood deformities alarm scientists.

Just a few quotes:

Eyeless shrimp and fish with lesions are becoming common, with BP oil pollution believed to be the likely cause.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Students React to La SB303

For those of you who do not know, Louisiana's Senate Bill 303 is Constitutional Amendment bill that will provide the residents of the Pelican State with the strongest Constitutional protections for keeping and bearing arms (and purchasing, carrying, transporting, using and all things firearms related). Supporters of the change say YEA! while opponents say Whoa, wait a minute. Opponents are concerned that the Constitutional change will allow for the carrying of firearms in, among other places, schools of higher education. I have a post about the change here.

LSU Reveille has a write-up about the reactions and, of course, I'll be reacting to those reactions with my reactions below. Got that? (you can go to the link and participate in the poll)

Though opposition in the Senate has been thin (36-6), the bill raised concern among Louisiana officials, including those close to the University.

The Board of Regents testified to the Senate judiciary committee expressing its concern for college campuses.

Chancellor Michael Martin has expressed similar sentiments.
“We should all be seriously concerned about the prospect of having guns on campus, in classrooms, in Tiger Stadium or the Lab School,” Martin said.
My response after the jump, go ahead and do it, you know you want to.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dennis Henigan's favorite killers

Dennis A., Give these violent individuals baseball bats, Henigan Vice President, Brady Campaign should be proud.

One dead, two injured during home invasion. I guess Tucker Cipriano was a fan of DenHen, he broke into the family home and killed his father with a baseball bat. His mother and brother are being treated at a local hospital.This is unbelievably tragic.

Hugh Edwards, 78, was found dead in a trailer in Bithlo in May 2010, beaten to death with a baseball bat, DenHen's preferred method of death. Michael Garay was recently convicted. Garay thought Edwards was a sex offender, he was wrong.

Give a violent individual a baseball bat and they, well, kill people. A Bridgeport man has been sentenced to nine years in prison for his role in the drug-related baseball bat killings of three people. Restrict gun ownership from everyone and thugs are still gonna do what thugs are gonna do. Taylor, one of three people involved in the killings, got the 9 year sentence because he testified against his cohorts. Maybe when he gets out, he can meet DenHen.

On Oct. 21, 2009, Scott Gregory Hawkins, 23 was not allowed to defend himself from being beat to death by his baseball bat wielding Schizophrenic roommate. They lived in a college dorm, a gun free zone. The roommate just received a sentence of 15 years to life for the second degree murder. He'll probably spend the rest of his life in jail, or hospital because he's insane. This is the type of murder than DenHen prefers, because it's less violent.

What do all of these murders have in common? 1. The killers were intent on killing and 2. the victims were unarmed. This is the utopia that Brady Center and DenHen want to cast on America.

I wonder, what is a more violent death, repeatedly getting struck in the head with a baseball bat or getting shot once?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Anti-Rights Liars

I often wonder what compels an anti-gun activist (yes, I'm being nice) to misconstrue the evidence they present for their case. Could it be that they just want to get on a soapbox and spew out their message without putting a second into fact checking? Could it be that they are blinded by their own hate for civil rights that they believe their 'facts' to support their case? Who knows.

Today, I'm examining an opinion by blog writer John Lake titled Children are Dying in Cities - Gun Control Is the Issue

John is writing about the murder rate in Chicago, which apparently has been big news since their murder rate is up 60%.

Sure, we all support some gun ownership. As a boy and a young man I hunted pheasants, ducks, and geese; for the last two, crouching in a chilly and cold duck blind on Wonder Lake. I kept my 12 gauge shotgun clean and well oiled, and the decoys lived in the garage.
But living now in Chicago is another matter. 

Because the Second Amendment is about militias duck hunting with 12 gauge shotguns?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

CSGV Liars

Over on the Facebook page of the Coalition to Stop Gun Ownership Violence, they are lying their asses off again. Not that that is surprising.

make the jump for the rest of the story

Legal guns killing Chi-Town....or not

Opinion writer Edward McClelland, jumping to conclusions and falling short, is blaming legally owned firearms for the 60% increase in murders in Chicago. In his most recent Opinion: Did Overturning The Handgun Law Lead to More Shootings?

For anyone looking for a reason as to why Chicagoans are shooting each other more often, how about this one: it’s now legal to own a handgun here.

So, let me get this straight. People are going through the hoops to get a FOID card, background check, purchasing a firearm that can be traced back to them, just to go shoot people? What explains the high murder rate before Chicagoan could legally own a firearm? Dumbass!

The Supreme Court issued its McDonald v. Chicago decision, which held that local governments do not have the right to write their own gun control laws, in 2010. The decision overturned the city’s handgun ban, and the police department began issuing permits later that year.

No, dumbass, the McDonald decision was that the Second Amendment applied to the states, through the Fourteenth Amendment. Furthermore, it wasn't about gun control, it was about gun bans.

Neither does the Supreme Court, which interprets the Constitution without considering the real-world consequences of its decisions. 

I see, it's the SCOTUS that let's the criminals get the guns.

The gun lobby’s solution to the misuse of guns -- laws prohibiting criminals from owning firearms -- does not work. 

And it's about time you anti-rights zealots realize that prohibitive laws only punish the law breaker and don't actually prevent unlawful activity.

First of all, it only takes effect after someone commits a crime with a gun. Second of all, most “illegal guns” are guns that were legally issued, then stolen.

I didn't realize that the city of Chicago issues firearms to it's residents. It seems here that the opinion writer is looking for an out right ban on firearms, that same ban I guess, that resulted in the very low violent crime rate in Chicago before 2010.

I do have to give kudos to the writer for staying on topic and not race baiting or blood dancing.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

UFO spotted in LITCHFIELD, Conn.

For real, it was green and it crash landed into a lake and apparently, little interest was shown in recovering it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More TSA Rat Bastard Ass Hattery

I will never be confused with someone who supports the TSA, rat bastards. This is not because I've been accosted by some TSA thug, or have had my 4th Amendments rights violated by the TSA. I haven't flown in a commercial plane in a very long time, I just genuinely believe that these TSA fucktards are bastards. Groping little kids and grandmas, strip searching the hotties, and oh yeah, Violating the 4th Amendment really burns my ass. I think I've discovered why there were so many incidents of TSA Rat Bastards patting down the little kiddies.

TSA agent among 55 caught in kid porn net

Cops snared 55 Massachusetts men in a sweeping, multi-agency child pornography crackdown — including a Transportation Security Administration officer assigned to Logan International Airport who is just the latest embarrassment for the troubled federal agency.

TSA agent Jose E. Salgado, 59, of Chelsea, (Massachusetts) was suspended from his job after his employers learned that local law enforcement agencies are pursuing criminal charges against him for the possession and sharing of pornographic images of children.

At least two other TSA officers assigned to Logan have faced sex charges in the past two years. Sex charges against others have been reported in Virginia, New Hampshire, Nevada, Georgia and other states.

One more thing, TSA Rat Bastards can kiss my ass. /rant

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

CSGV wants new law for law abiding, not criminals

Yesterday, CSGV tweeted:

"Law-abiding gun owners"? Hardly. The law allows repeat misdemeanants to buy guns. And private gun sales are TOTALLY unregulated, no check.

So, I engaged them with:

@CSGV what would force criminals to comply with NICS on private sales?

Louisiana vying for Baldwin Top Ten

I'm guessing that the Louisianan State Legislators didn't appreciate not making it to the Baldwin Top Ten states with the least restrictions on gun ownership, well, maybe not, but they sure as hell want to protect the right of the state's citizens to keep and bear arms. Last week, a proposed Constitutional Amendment passed the Senate Judiciary Committee and went to the full senate Monday where it passed 31-6.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

and some good news

Two men arrested in Tulsa spree killing investigation

Military Helicopter makes emergency landing, no one injured. They were training how to make landings, I guess the training worked.

Man lost his wallet with $10K cash. It was returned. Note to self, when withdrawing $10K in cash, put it in front pocket.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Lies that Lawyers tell

The 'lawyers' over at Legal Community Against Violence (but really just against guns) let loose a little piece about Stand Your Ground laws and Zimmerman/Martin where they try to twist some facts, just out right lie and omit some things. Let's take a look, the we'll compare the Retreat States and SYG States:

On February 26th, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was walking down the street in Sanford, Florida, when he was confronted by 28-year-old George Zimmerman. Trayvon Martin was carrying a can of iced tea and a bag of candy; George Zimmerman had a license to carry a concealed weapon and a 9 millimeter handgun.

First, there is no evidence that Zimmerman confronted Martin. When Zimmerman was on the phone with 911, he stated that Martin was running away. Martin's girlfriend said she was on the phone with him and heard Martin ask if Zimmerman had a problem to which Zimmerman replied "what are you doing here?"

Florida's weak concealed handgun licensing law enabled Zimmerman, who had been previously arrested for battering a police officer, and whose neighbors had complained about his aggressive behavior, to legally carry a hidden, loaded handgun in public.

If Zimmerman was LCAV's client, they would be raising hell about an arrest being brought up and yelling from the rooftops that it wasn't a conviction. It also seems that LCAV is supporting Open-Carry, since their only complaint is that the gun was "hidden"

Zimmerman had been following Martin in his car, telling the police in a 911 call that Trayvon looked "real suspicious" because he was "just walking around looking about." Zimmerman cornered the unarmed teenager, shot, and killed him. Afterward, the shooter claimed to be acting in self-defense; to date, he has not been charged with any crime.

There is NO evidence what so ever that indicates Zimmerman cornered Martin. The evidence shows that Martin attacked Zimmerman. Of course someone is going to claim self defense after they shoot someone, you can't claim it before you defend yourself.

Florida's extreme "Stand Your Ground" law, which establishes a low threshold to justify the use of deadly force, may now protect his implausible claim of self-defense. These laws create a poisonous recipe for tragedy: an innocent young man is now dead and his killer may be shielded from justice.

Florida's SYG law did not lower the threshold to justify defending yourself. The SYG law removed a duty to retreat, protects the person defending himself from civil litigation and protects the person defending himself from being locked up during the investigation.

Florida's weak laws are not unique. Twenty-five states, including Florida, have “Stand Your Ground” laws, containing provisions that generally allow the use of deadly force in self-defense with no duty to retreat when outside the home.

Let's go ahead a compare the Violent Crime Rates and Murder Rates between the 25 states that have SYG and the 19 that require a retreat

As you can see, the Duty to Retreat states have an average violent crime rate of 395.71 and a murder rate of 4.67.

The Stand Your Ground states have a lower violent crime rate of 383.74 and a lower murder rate of 4.61 so it appears that the Stand Your Ground law does not lead to more violent crime or murder.

Common Sense from....Brady?

It seems as though someone in the Brady Bunch has a little bit of common sense, or misspoke, and acknowledged that gun control doesn't work.

via gunwire, waronguns, saysuncle, and I'm sure many many more

In an article by Mercury News: California's tough gun laws could not prevent East Oakland tragedy, Brady Bunch representative Amanda Wilcox had this to say:

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Just some news

Always listen to the 911 operator.

rear naked choke hold, because a small person could never kill a larger person.

Home invader breaks window to enter house, police catch him, then release him at the scene. No charges will be filed. Personally, I think they should have just chopped his head off and called it a day. You know he'll be back, they always come back.

Guns are not the answer...

until it is the answer, #2

Over in LANDRUM, S.C., WYFF Channel 4 is reporting:

A woman who had just finished doing overnight work in a Landrum business on Saturday was assaulted by two men, but ended up turning the tables on them when she pulled out a gun and shot at them.
The 41-year-old woman had left through the back door of her business at about 1 a.m.  She said she got her car from the parking lot, and pulled up to the back door to retrieve an umbrella she had left inside. She said when she stepped back outside, two men confronted her.

More on the Oikos shooting

Brady took a break from dancing in the blood of a teenager to condemn the 'lax' gun laws of California. From their Facebook page:

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Oikos University victims and their families. Let us redouble our commitment to stop gun violence and hold elected officials accountable for the lax laws, policies, and mindsets that make it easy for these tragedies to happen in America.

Yep, Kali, their numero uno fav-or-ite state with the strictest gun laws in the nation is now on the back side of a hand swatting.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Madness, I say, Madness in the UK

via David Codrea at waronguns

The Telegraph is reporting: Internet activity 'to be monitored' under new laws

and that's not all

Under legislation expected in next month's Queen's Speech, internet companies will be instructed to install hardware enabling GCHQ – the Government's electronic "listening" agency – to examine "on demand" any phone call made, text message and email sent, and website accessed in "real time", The Sunday Times reported.

But what do you expect from a Kingdom that doesn't have a freedom of speech, a right to not incriminate one's self, a right to remain silent or a right to protect themselves.

When the hell are you people going to stand up for yourselves?

This is the same utopia that the anti-rights establishment wants for the US.