Thursday, October 4, 2012

Assault Weapons Ban, more questions than answers

The anti-rights cultists are always calling for a renewed assault weapons ban, especially so in a presidential election year. They won't get it, they don't get it, that they won't get it, but yet, they waste everyone's time wanting to get it. Get it? Me neither. Keep in mind, too, that the expired federal assault weapons ban included full size magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. Why ten rounds? I don't know. They claim that with more than 10 rounds, someone can go on a killing spree and kill more than 10 people. Why killing 10 people is acceptable to the anti-rights cultists but killing 11 is not it anyone's guess.


POSITION: The Brady Campaign supports banning military-style semi-automatic assault weapons along with high-capacity ammunition magazines. These dangerous weapons have no sporting or civilian use. Their combat features are appropriate to military, not civilian, contexts. PROBLEM: The federal Assault Weapons Ban expired in the fall of 2004.
THE THREAT: Allowing easy access to highly lethal, military-style weapons by dangerous people, like terrorists and felons, threatens the safety of our police officers, families and communities.
URGENCY: Since the ban expired, police chiefs across the country report increases in assault weapons used in crime and used against them.
SOLUTION: Congress must pass strong, effective legislation to ban all military-style semi-automatic assault weapons along with high capacity ammunition magazines. In the short-term, more states must pass their own laws to ban assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines. 
I notice that they state the problem is that the AWB expired, but don't note why it's a problem.


Assault weapons possess features specifically designed by the world's militaries  to make it easier for the shooter to fire a sustained, high volume of rounds into a wide area. As a result of America's weak gun laws, these weapons entered our civilian marketplace decades ago, and criminals quickly learned how to exploit their military features.
In 1994, President Bill Clinton and Congress enacted a federal assault weapons ban. This law named 19 specific models of guns, and also banned "copies or duplicates" of those models. In addition, the law outlawed guns that had two or more specified assault weapon features. Guns that were legally possessed before the effective date of the law remained legal. Finally, the law outlawed the manufacture of detachable, high-capacity ammunition magazines which could hold more than 10 rounds.
Unfortunately, the law was temporary, designed to sunset in ten years. President George W. Bush stated during the 2004 presidential campaign that he supported renewing the ban, but in September of that year it expired without any action by either the president or Congress.
For years, polls have consistently shown that a majority of Americans want the ban extended. Law enforcement groups agree. Yet, assault weapons remain legal in our country, and are easy to buy, often with no questions asked.

Notice that the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence points out problems with assault weapons. (Assault weapon features)  "make it easier for the shooter to fire a sustained, high volume of rounds into a wide area." Now we're getting somewhere. The features of these weapons allow someone to shoot lots of bullets into a wide area and do it quickly. But apparently it's ok to shoot ten rounds at a time. Again, why is it ok to shoot ten rounds, but not eleven rounds, or nine rounds. Moving on.

According to the FBI 2010 Uniform Crime Reports Table 20, rifles are used in 2.75% of all murders. This is not just assault type rifles, but all rifles. Just for reference, knives are used in just over 13% of all murders.

Here's the question. Why ban assault type rifles? Because they're scary and that's about it. Moving on.

Large capacity Magazines: We've got to ban them, because, umm.....killing more than 10 people is unacceptable. Yeah.

According to the ATF in their Youth Crime Gun Interdiction Initiative (PDF), the ten most popular guns used in crimes are:

1.  SMITH & WESSON............38 Revolver........................ 3.9%
2.  RUGER.............................. 9mm Semiautomatic Pistol... 2.7%
3.  LORCIN ENGINEERING.....380 Semiautomatic Pistol..... 2.7%
4.  RAVEN ARMS....................25 Semiautomatic Pistol....... 2.1%
5.  MOSSBERG....................... 12 GA Shotgun.................. 2.0%
6.  SMITH & WESSON............ 9mm Semiautomatic Pistol.. 1.9%
7.  SMITH & WESSON.............357 Revolver..................... 1.9%
8.  BRYCO ARMS.................... 9mm Semiautomatic Pistol.. 1.8%
9.  BRYCO ARMS.....................380 Semiautomatic Pistol.... 1.8%
10. DAVIS INDUSTRIES..........380 Semiautomatic Pistol..... 1.7%

Please note that the No. 2 Ruger and the No. 6 Smith and Wesson are the ONLY two handguns that can have a capacity of more than 10 rounds. Also note that there are no 'assault weapons' on the list either. So, again, I ask, why ban 'assault weapons'? If the anti-rights cultists really wanted to reduce gun violence, banning the weapons that cost less than $400 is an idea I could understand. I wouldn't support it, but at least I'd understand it and wouldn't have to ask why.


  1. I have asked the same question of the antis many times, particularly after the Giffords shooting. Is killing 10 people somehow better than killing 11? How about 8 instead of 10? Or 6 instead of 8? Or 1 instead of 6? And I have never, ever gotten a response.

    As the sluggish-brained hostess of the antis' main blog is fond of saying, a single gun death is one too many. So, the "assault weapon" or "high capacity magazine" bans are just decoys for complete bans on civilian arms.

    1. "As the sluggish-brained hostess of the antis' main blog is fond of saying, a single gun death is one too many. So, the "assault weapon" or "high capacity magazine" bans are just decoys for complete bans on civilian arms."

      That sounds like someone I know. Her claim to victimization is her sister being in an abusive relationship that ended with the sister's death. Instead of taking action to protect her sister's life, she wallows in the blood and attacks everyone who didn't kill her sister. If she were truly concerned about the safety of her family and fellow citizens, she would have helped her sister get out of that situation. Domestic violence doesn't start one day and end with tragedy the next. It builds over time and JP did nothing but stand idly by.

      thanks for your comments

  2. Well, it's much easier to blame inanimate objects and the NRA for your sister's death than your own lack of action.

    And today, Joan and her commenters continue their ad hominem attacks in place of actual arguments for their position. "dog gone" claims that it is absolutely impossible for an armed citizen to have reduced the bloodshed in the Aurora movie theater shooting, and that if you disagree, you're clearly not smart enough to understand why.

    That attitude is probably the greatest reason why the public is not on their side. When I talk to a person that doesn't own a gun, I don't disagree with him if he says he's not comfortable with them. I don't belittle him or call him stupid. He's free to make the decision to be armed or not, just as I am. But the anti gun rights people are just obnoxious.

    1. That's all they have is ad hominem attacks.

      The usual argument flow chart.
      1. Antis make a claim
      2. Claim is refuted by facts.
      3. ad hominem attack by antis, usually with a comment along the lines of "we're smarter than you, so you wouldn't understand anyway".

      You should know that dog gone is a gun owner and had a CCW and used to carry her gun. But, she's smarter than anyone else so she should be the only one to have a gun. She also once threatened that she would shoot a stalker in her yard, without provocation. I have a screen cap of that some place. I'll have to find it.

      If you go to mikeb's blog and search for dog gone and stalker, you'll find some interesting information.

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