Thursday, October 11, 2012

microlaserengravedstamping is the answer to NY gun crime

State Senator Daniel Squadron (D-25th district) is calling for a special legislative session aimed at passing statewide gun control measures that would make New York’s gun laws the strongest in the country, as reported by thevillager.

What's this statewide gun control measure you ask? Microstamping of course. You know where the puts a stamp on umm.... I'll let the writer for thevillager explain it.

Microstamping uses lasers to stamp a numeric code onto bullet shell casings, theoretically making it easier for police to track individual casings left at a crime scene back to the gun — and the shooter — that fired them. -thevillager admin

And how would this laser engraved stamp lead to the gun and the shooter. Well, because it's the licensed gun owners, that have registered their guns with the government of NY that doing all the shooting, or not.

According to the New York Daily News

Virginia is already the single biggest supplier of guns used by criminals in the city.

I wonder how that microlaserengravedstamping is going to fix that.

and according to
Those shootings brought to eight the number of NYPD officers who have been shot in recent months—one of them resulting in a fatality—and, according to Bloomberg, all the guns used in those events were illegally owned.

so, somehow having teany tiny laserstamping is going to.....make all the thugs register their newly stolen or otherwise acquired firearm?

Washington Post, can I get a comment please
Virginia gun dealers were the most important source of crime guns illegally trafficked along Interstate 95, also known as the “iron pipeline” from the Southeast to the states in the Northeast corridor.

I don't know what's worse, thinking that microstamping is the answer to gun crimes are believing that there are little lasers in the gun stamping marks on the shell casings.

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