Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Baldwin v Brady 2011 gun crimes

Yesterday, I compared the Baldwin top ten states with the least restrictive gun laws to the Brady top ten states with the most restrictive gun laws with regards to the violent crime and murder rates. Of course states with the least restrictive gun laws have lower crime rates, but what about gun crimes? Certainly, states that don't prohibit their citizens from carrying loaded, concealed guns in public places must have more gun crime, right? At least that's what the anti-rights cultists want you to believe. Let's take a look at the Brady states:

Information was obtained from the FBI Uniform Crime Reports Table 20, Table 21, and Table 22

Hawaii information is absent from the UCR and therefore could not be included in the robberies or aggravated assaults.

Once again, the states that suppress the rights of the citizens come in below the national average. Does this mean that gun control laws work at reducing gun crime? No.

As you can see in this table, in the states with the least restrictive gun laws, guns are used in robberies 22% LESS, 28% LESS in aggravated assaults and 16.70% LESS in homicides than the states with the most restrictive gun laws. Apparently more guns do not mean more gun crimes nor does more restrictive gun laws mean less gun crime.


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