Friday, May 11, 2012

Ladd Everitt (CSGV) now says SYG is ok.

Ladd Everitt (above, with something suspicious pointing at his head), continues with his histrionics in his latest drivel: Why ‘Stand Your Ground’ is really ‘Kill at Will’

What do you call a law that allows a person to shoot and kill another human being when they could otherwise walk away safely?

You see what he did there? He's portraying a potentially life or death situation like a day at the beach.

But, of course, Zimmerman had been carrying a gun and following — some would say stalking — young black men in his community for months before he ever encountered Trayvon Martin. He even notified police when he did so. More important, however, is the fact that Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law removes an individual’s duty to retreat from a conflict in public even when he can safely do so.

You, Laddy, you would say stalking and he notified police when he saw what he thought was suspicious activity. Does anyone really believe that Zimmerman a white/black/Hispanic, wait, what is he being labeled now days, eh, doesn't matter, does anyone really believe that Zimmerman, or anyone, would stalk a person and notify the police that they are actively stalking someone? I didn't think so.

Again, he's suggesting that Zimmerman could have safely walked away, while at the same time, being pinned down on the ground.

Prior to the enactment of these laws, Americans always had a right to “stand their ground” on their property and use lethal force against home invaders. Centuries of English and American common law have long recognized that there is no place to retreat to when cornered in one’s own “castle.”

Laddy apparently has never done just the slightest bit of research. Prior to the adoption of the Castle Doctrine, many states required that your retreat, in your own home, as far as you could possibly retreat. Some laws required that you retreat until you could retreat no more with your back against a wall before your could defend your 'castle'. Adoption of the Castle Doctrine not only removed that duty, but also gave civil immunity to the home owner who had to use force in protecting their castle. Prior to the adoption of the Castle Doctrine, if a homeowner injured or killed a person, while defending his home, that person or his family could still sue you, even if your were not found guilty of a crime.

The law did, however, require individuals to retreat from physical confrontations in public if they could safely do so. If you were cornered in an alley, pinned to the ground or otherwise out of options to retreat, you could defend yourself with lethal force.

Errrrch! Full stop. Flag on the play! Several witnesses stated that Zimmerman was on his back, pinned down and apparently out of options to retreat but yet Laddy still uses terms like slaughter, slaying and murder when referring to Zimmerman. Let me quote him:

"In the wake of Zimmerman’s slaying of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin..." Ladd Everitt in this article.

Well, which is it Laddy? Can a person defend himself or not? Oh, wait, here's another quote:

"Using armed violence IN ANY CONTEXT is flat-out wrong"

Again, which is it? Can a person pinned on the ground defend himself? Apparently, anyone can, except Zimmerman.

Moving on.

But if it’s possible to just turn around and walk away, go home and sleep it off, and avoid escalating the conflict, the law required you to do so.

Oh, let me see how this works in the land of rainbow shitting unicorns.

Bad Guy: "excuse me ma'am while I take just a moment of your time to rape you, I can assure you this won't take long".

Potential rape victim: "Oh, by golly, not right now, I certainly don't have the time to get beat up, sexually battered, and possibly contract a sexually transmitted disease. Not that I'm suggesting that you, sir, are unclean, but I'll just kindly walk away now. Good day sir"

Yes, I see the light. I can see how this would work out perfectly. Dumbasses.

His word rampage continues on, blaming the NRA but he finishes with this:

No one should ever be allowed to walk our streets with a hidden handgun and kill at will. If we don’t start standing up to the NRA and ALEC, however, Zimmerman will be far from the last gun-toting vigilante to spill innocent blood.

Let me correct your there Laddy boy. No one should ever be allowed to walk our streets with a hidden handgun and kill at will, rape at will, rob at will, or batter at will  without being in fear of losing his life. Committing a violent crime should be the most dangerous career anyone ever engages in. Unless you are unclear, Swimming in the swamp with a raw chicken swim suit, covered in blood, yelling 'here gator, gator, gator, come get some bitches' should be safer than committing a violent crime.

You see Laddy boy, the criminals already carry loaded, hidden, concealed guns and commit crimes. They don't care if it's against the law, that's why they're criminals.

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