Sunday, May 6, 2012

Just a little bit of Snark today

So much for the safety of Gun Free Zones. Second woman shot at Md. Church is on life support, not because she might live, but so that she can donate organs to others.

I think maybe the Chinese are helping to buy those 68,000 guns heading to Mexico. What's next to exercise your rights, retina scans?

According to Dennis 'give 'em all baseball bats and knives' Henigan, getting beat to death with a baseball bat is far better than getting shot to death. Hey DenHen, here's a twofer fer ya.

TSA still terrorizing and sexually molesting Seniors. Hey TSA you can SUCK MY ASS. If you don't like that, come arrest me, I dare you.

TSA taking $2,400 bribes to let drugs through. I wonder how much it would cost to get a bomb through.


  1. Excellent points. You have every right to be snarky... it's the damned truth.

    1. I sure have the red ass for TSA and I've never been through a TSA line one time in my life. I truly see it as an infringement on the rights of the people.