Tuesday, July 16, 2013

DGUs outside of the home, July mid-month

June 29, 2013:
Troy Rector found out the hard way that booze and boolits don't mix too well. Rector had a habit of stealing beer from a Houston area convenience store. During one point in his latest theft, the boozeman put the beer down and challenged the clerk to a fight. Coming to his senses, he picked the beer up and walked out the store. The clerk followed the thief out of the store and that's when Rector lost his mind and became combative again. The clerk pulled his concealed handgun and defended himself. Rector got wrecked with a boolit hole and is currently in the custody of the medical examiner's office. Eyewitness Sheemeka Brown said, "They could have said, 'just put the beer down' and let him walk out the store..." Or, you know, dead dood could have just not stolen things and then got combative about it.

June 30, 2013:
Words must be expensive to print on the internets, from the three sentence article. Some bad dude in Jacksonville, FL... Dude, really? Florida is not safe for bad dudes, move to... Never mind. Bad dude got the surprise of his life when he approached two other dudes in a car around 3:30 am and attempted an armed robbery. Things went south from there when one of the would-be victims pulled his heater and opened fire. Bad dude was pronounced Dead Right There. I'm sure he was just about to get his life on track.

June 30, 2013:
Around 11 pm, two fellas, high on stupid, attempted to rob a Katy, TX pizza place. SMH, apparently word hasn't hit the streets, yet. Texas is dangerous for dummies. A 20-year-old and his accomplice stormed in from the backdoor and confronted the manager. Shortly after demanding cash, the 20-year-old was begging for an ambulance because of the gunshot wounds he got from the manager. The accomplice, apparently not man enough to finish the job, ran away, arms flailing about and screaming like a girl. He was so scared, he forgot they drove there and left the get-away truck at the restaurant. Last check on hospital records shows the 20-year-old is still living.

July 3, 2013:
Pleasant Grove wasn't so pleasant for 19-year-old Juan Soto. Soto failed to realize that Pleasant Grove is in Texas where bad guys get shot by good guys. Soto attempted to commit and armed robbery and was shot for his troubles. The yoot was transported to a local hospital where he kicked the bucket. Soto's official cause of death has yet to be release, but I'm sure it can be pinned down to a fatal case of thinking he was in New York.
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