Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dennis 'give em bats and knives' Henigan would be proud

Dennis A., give 'em bats and knives to kill, Henigan Vice President, Brady Campaign should be proud of his work.

Washington Post is reporting that a woman was stabbed to death, but wait, DenHen get's a twofer for this one, she was pregnant. I wonder how Denny will explain to the family that these deaths don't count as much as a 'gun death'.

A couple of weeks ago a Detroit man was beat to death with a baseball bat. His killer was charged with first-degree premeditated murder, felony murder and larceny from a person. I bet his defense attorney will want ole DenHen to testify that killin' with a baseball bat ain't as serious as killin' wit a gun. It's a shame the shop owner didn't have a firearm to defend himself. I could imagine the pants shitting that would be going on with Denny 'oh my, a man with a baseball bat was shot to death, waaaaaaahhhh'!

Man, 41, with a gun and explosives tickled his mom, 66, to death with a baseball bat. Well, actually he bludgeoned her to death, but the way DenHen suggests giving violent people blunt objects to torture people to death, you'd think that it's an easy way to go. Hey Denny, if you had to choose between getting tortured to death with a baseball bat or getting shot to death, which would you choose? Me wonders, will the anti-rights bigots light a candle for her? Just so you don't have to read the story, the mom asked the son to move out of her house. Even though he had several firearms, he chose to beat her to death.

Here's another twofer for Dennis A. Henigan. Another son killed his parents with a baseball bat. Although this happened in 2004, he just now got sentenced to life in prison. Perhaps Denny will seek a pardon for this troubled man, after all, it was only a baseball bat.

Apparently the defense didn't suggest that 'everything is changed' when this man was convicted of killing his lifelong friend and brother-in-law with a baseball bat. The jury felt that killin' is killin', whether it's a baseball bat, knife or gun, though. Maybe the defense should have sought the help of DenHen with they picked the jury.

Keep this man away from baseball bats and puppies, but then again, DenHen may think this is the way to properly punish a pup.

Josh Young, 15, charged with the murder of his step-brother, will go to trial in October. When Josh Gouker, Young's father was questioned about his son's involvement he said "You won't imagine how he did it."  a bat? "Yeah, whack after whack." Sounds like this father is just as proud as Denny.

"Give these violent individuals baseball bats or knives instead of guns and everything changes. The problem is not just the people. The problem is also the guns" -Dennis A. Henigan, Brady Campaign.

No, Dennis, it's the people

Edit to Add: via J.O.B.

Apparently these robbers are trying to stay in the good graces of DenHen. Although one of them had a gun, he only used it as a blunt object, while the other one stabbed 4 good Samaritans. I think Denny might dock them a point for actually using a gun, though.


  1. Bill- Here's an example that happened just last night on the North side. Fortunately noone was killed. Mr. Henigan would be happy, I'm sure.

    1. Wow! One guy stabbed 4 others. By DenHen's logic, that's unpossible, knives can only stab one person.

      Side note, in cased you missed it, knives are used to kill 6.5 times more than 'assault weapons'.

  2. BB- Here's another fine example of Bad wielding Felons, and why Illinois should have some sort of carry permits................

    BTW: Ashford House is 15 minutes from my house.

    1. It's interesting that they targeted the out of state diners. It's a shame the citizens of Illinois can't protect themselves. Imagine if the mob thought that half of the people were armed, they would have chosen a different location. Illinois will get there, hopefully sooner rather than later.