Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Another anti gun blogger, more lies

So, some nasty jack something another has a blog, and seems to be in some three way partnership with Joan Peters and Baldr O(something) for promoting each other's blogs. In the event you didn't know, Joan and Baldr are gun haters and anti-rights enthusiasts.

Back to nasty jack. Nasty (as I'm sure his fiends call him) wrote a post bashing the NRA so this let's us know his position on gun ownership as well. In his post he Lies when he says this:

Wayne LaPierre has served as the NRA head since 1991 and during his reign has produced the loosest gun laws ever enacted in the U.S., perhaps the world, which have resulted in a rapid increase in gun deaths.

No, really, he said that and here's the screen cap

While I don't know if it's true that Wayne has served as the NRA head since 1991, I do know that firearm related deaths have not rapidly increased since 1991. As a matter of fact, firearm related deaths have gone down. (yes, I posted a comment, it's waiting to be approved)

According to the CDC, in this report, 'gun deaths' or as we normal folk call them, firearm related fatalities, in 1991 were 38,317 and 24,703 (64.47%) of those were murder or non-negligent homicides.

In 2009, according to the CDC WSQARS, there were 31,347 firearm related deaths, of which 15,399 (49.12%) were murder or non-negligent homicides. It appears that these 'looser gun laws' that Nasty speaks of actually resulted in fewer firearm related deaths with a DECREASE of 18% and a 37.66% DECREASE in firearm related murders and non-negligent homicides.

What did increase since 1991? Well, the population for one. According to the Census Bureau, the estimated population in 1991 was 252,981,000 and in 2009 the estimate was 307,007,000, nearly an 18% increase, so that means that not only did the Number of firearm related fatalities and murders go down, but also the Rate went down as well. Also, during this same time period, the number of firearms  in civilians hands increase as did the number of people carrying firearms. Again, I reiterate, these gun laws Nasty speaks of appears to have resulted in not only fewer firearm related fatalities, but also a lower rate of fatalities.

Hey Nasty, don't let the facts get in the way of your blogging.

I wonder what else has decrease as a result of these heinous loose gun laws.

According to the FBI Uniform Crime Report, the number of violent crimes has decrease 30% from 1,911,767 in 1991 to 1,325,896 in 2009 as did the violent crime rate which was 758.2/100,000 in 1991 to 403.6/100,000 in 2009 (a 46.76% decrease). The murder rate decrease by 51% in this same time frame.

What else has occurred since 1991? Well, According to the 2012 US Peace Index:

According to the 2012 USPI, the U.S. is more peaceful now than at any other time over the last twenty years; since 1991 there has been a substantial and sustained reduction in direct violence across the United States.

Seems to me that looser gun laws equals lower violent crime and murder rates, but again, Nasty, don't let the facts get in the way of your blogging.


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