Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Joan Peterson - She can't handle the truth

Joan Peterson, the owner of common gunsense blog, is having a little bit of a problem handling the truth. In her blog post Homicide Victims, she rambles on about how many homicide victims there are as a result of being shot with a firearm. and then presents the reader with this little jewel:

That comes out to 3.7 per 100,000- the most gun homicide deaths of any other civilized country not at war.

The anti-rights cultists bigots have been spouting this one for a while, along with "wealthy nations" and "industrialized countries", "developed nations", etc. I'm guess Joan and company don't keep up with current events because ummm, AFGHANISTAN, IRAQ, WAR ON DRUGS, WAR ON TERROR....

Moving on... I dropped Joan a comment reminding her that we are, in fact, at war and responded to another little lie she published:

Gun-related homicides have increased slightly each year since 2002.