Thursday, August 1, 2013

* DGUs outside of the home, July end of month

July 14, 2013:
Philadelphia bar owner closed up shot and drove home, only to be followed by three thugs that wanted what they didn't work for. The armed yoots demanded cash but what they got was embarrassed. The bar owner pulled his concealed handgun and went all Hollywood and shot the gun out of one of the thugs hands. Not wanting to stick around for a shootout with Quick Draw McGraw, the other two perps fled the scene. The victimized villain was transported to Hahnemann Hospital in serious condition. What's not noted is if his serious condition is related to the gunshot wound or his ego as a thug.

July 15, 2013:
42-year-old James Hayes, of Ambridge, PA, wasn't about to brake no gun lawz to commit an armed robbery, so he did the next best thing. Hayes grab himself a BB gun and entered a convenience store to commit an armed robbery. The clerk wasn't having any of that nonsense and pulled his own gun. After a tussle, Hayes made a break for it. Not living on the edge enough, Hayes then broke into a woman's apartment nearby, only to have his getaway foiled by her going outside to notify the police that he was there. Interim Police Chief James Mann said Hayes “is one of the world’s dumbest, and luckiest to be alive, criminals.” Luckiest, maybe. Dumbest, we'll see about that.

July 16, 2013:
Larry Kidd, 29, and Jason Penley, 24, both of Bluefield, WV, tried their hands at armed robbery. The first was at Patty’s at the Bluefield Plaza on Cumberland Road, a video lottery parlor, where the duo made of with some chump change. Not happy with their small take, or needing a place to rest, they continued on to the Economy Inn, also on Cumberland Road. Details are scarce, but apparently they demanded something with their ax handle and knife, but demanded it from the wrong person. The clerk pulled a gun and Penley sustained a single gunshot wound to the chest. I'm guessing that kind of deflated his ambitions of being a successful armed robber. Penley was transported to the hospital for his phisical wounds. Both have been charged in the robberies.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

DGUs outside of the home, July mid-month

June 29, 2013:
Troy Rector found out the hard way that booze and boolits don't mix too well. Rector had a habit of stealing beer from a Houston area convenience store. During one point in his latest theft, the boozeman put the beer down and challenged the clerk to a fight. Coming to his senses, he picked the beer up and walked out the store. The clerk followed the thief out of the store and that's when Rector lost his mind and became combative again. The clerk pulled his concealed handgun and defended himself. Rector got wrecked with a boolit hole and is currently in the custody of the medical examiner's office. Eyewitness Sheemeka Brown said, "They could have said, 'just put the beer down' and let him walk out the store..." Or, you know, dead dood could have just not stolen things and then got combative about it.

June 30, 2013:
Words must be expensive to print on the internets, from the three sentence article. Some bad dude in Jacksonville, FL... Dude, really? Florida is not safe for bad dudes, move to... Never mind. Bad dude got the surprise of his life when he approached two other dudes in a car around 3:30 am and attempted an armed robbery. Things went south from there when one of the would-be victims pulled his heater and opened fire. Bad dude was pronounced Dead Right There. I'm sure he was just about to get his life on track.

June 30, 2013:
Around 11 pm, two fellas, high on stupid, attempted to rob a Katy, TX pizza place. SMH, apparently word hasn't hit the streets, yet. Texas is dangerous for dummies. A 20-year-old and his accomplice stormed in from the backdoor and confronted the manager. Shortly after demanding cash, the 20-year-old was begging for an ambulance because of the gunshot wounds he got from the manager. The accomplice, apparently not man enough to finish the job, ran away, arms flailing about and screaming like a girl. He was so scared, he forgot they drove there and left the get-away truck at the restaurant. Last check on hospital records shows the 20-year-old is still living.

July 3, 2013:
Pleasant Grove wasn't so pleasant for 19-year-old Juan Soto. Soto failed to realize that Pleasant Grove is in Texas where bad guys get shot by good guys. Soto attempted to commit and armed robbery and was shot for his troubles. The yoot was transported to a local hospital where he kicked the bucket. Soto's official cause of death has yet to be release, but I'm sure it can be pinned down to a fatal case of thinking he was in New York.
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Sunday, June 30, 2013

DGUs outside of the home, June end of month

June 28, 2013: Hey, Jack, don't mess with old people!
The 70-year-old store owner was mindin' his own bidness at the Elizabeth Grocery in North Philadelphia when an unnamed thug walked in around 11:00 am. While the register was open, the thug proceeded to stick his hand in the cookie jar register. The geriatric gentleman didn't play those kinds of games and pulled his handgun and shot the junior jackal in the ankle. "Now get off my lawn you hoodlum, and clean up your bloody mess, dummy". The wounded and limping perp was taken to the hospital and will then checked into the grey bar motel.

June 25, 2013: Why do I need more than 7 rounds?
Washtenaw County Sheriff’s deputies responded to an alarm set off by a broken window at Ypsilanti Middle School in Ypsilanti, MI, yada, yada, yada, they came upon a naked man who was covered in blood from the waist down. Blood? Yes, he was covered in blood from castrating himself with his bare hands! It took SIX police officers to subdue him. He and his parts were transferred to a local hospital. At least this zombie was mutilating himself and not eating someone's face.

June 12, 2013:
Hungry Howie's in Charlotte, NC. got a call for delivery of $74 worth of pie. Robby wells, delivery guy, though the order was odd and tooled up. This isn't the first time an order that large came in for delivery, COD. The last time, the driver got robbed. When Wells arrived at the delivery address, a church, he saw four yoots sitting on a bench, then noticed another yoot hiding behind a pillar. Pillars of society these boys were not, the five young men surrounded Wells to collect their free pizza, and a tip to boot, until Wells displayed his peace keeper and said "Now that we're at this point, do you have the money for this food, or not?" The answer was "not" and Wells left, with the pizza, his money and his life. Police said drivers should not take the law into their own hands, 'cause the po po are always there to protect you.

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

June mid-month report, DGUs outside of the home

June 11, 2013: Hey Jack, Don't mess with old people.
Jan and Bob Cooper were just chillin' in their Anaheim California home on Sunday when their Rottweiler alerted them to a prowler outside of their home. Jan Cooper, 72, grabbed her .357 magnum revolver and her phone. She called the po po and begged the 911 operator to send deputies, presumably to save the prowler. 31-year-old Brandon Alexander Perez, the would-be home invader, was not deterred by the growling of the man eater, or the barking of the dog, as he slid open the glass door. Not wanting to clean up a bloody mess inside her home, groovy grandma took aim at his head then let fly a burst of fury that would make the average man cry, then she fired one shot, narrowly missing the perps face. She then let loose another burst of verbal assault words. Perez apologized to Cooper and then began to flee. Deputies arrived just in time to catch him in the yard. Perez was on parole and living at a halfway house at the time of his latest transgression. Cooper is a Christian who doesn't normally use foul language.

June 4, 2013: Hey Jack, Don't mess with young people.
Two upstanding citizens in Brooklyn, that's New York, dressed up like FedEx delivery men to attempt to get free stuff. The plan, knock on a door, when the homeowner opens the door, collect free stuff. Their plan failed to come to full fruition when the one dummy pulled a gun on the home owner and she slammed the door on his arm, causing him to drop his gun. Her ten-year-old son picked the gun up and took a shot at the thug. The accomplice, also armed with a handgun though he'd make matters better by firing a single shot at the kids. No one was injured, you know, except for the two goons' pride. It's unknown if the boy will be charged for handling a firearm without a licence.

May 31, 2013:
A Bakersfield, CA, man left for work when he realized he forgot his laptop charger. He "flipped a u-turn" and made it back home to find 35-year-old Jesse Perez, 35-year-old Edward Anaya and 35-year-old Miguel Reyes relieving him of his property. If no one's home it must be free stuff, right? What's the first thing you do when you encounter bad guys in Kalifornia? Call 9-1-1, except this man is one of the three people in the state that doesn't have a cell phone, so he pulled his lawfully concealed handgun and sent a ringing message to the free loaders. Three shots is all it took to the get the attention of the bad guys, the neighbor (who was sleeping) and the police. When the police arrived, they found the homeowner holding the three at gunpoint. Contrary to popular myth, the police did not confuse the armed guy with the bad guys and they didn't shoot him.

May 31, 2013:
A 17-year-old Lansing boy, not yet old enough to start getting government freebies, decided he couldn't wait for free stuff any longer and decided to cut out the middle man and go directly to the source of the free stuff. He approached a 28-year-old man, pulled his weapon, and demanded his share of the man's stuff. Being a generous sort of fella, the robbery victim decided to share his bullets with the young punk. He pulled his concealed handgun and gave the youngun a lead injection to his ass. The would-be robber was transported to a local hospital with embarrassing, but non life-threatening injuries. The wannabe's weapon of choice was a stun gun.

June 2, 2013:
A Fort Wayne man was standing outside of his home when he was approached by 18-year-old Jaquese N. Dandridge and another man, who though it might be a good idea to commit an armed robbery. At least one of the two would-be robbers pulled a gun, and so did the homeowner. Shots were exchanged and the homeowner took a bullet to the foot. He was treated and released from the hospital. Danridge received multiple gunshot wounds. The coroner ruled the cause of death as fatal stupidity with a touch of dumbass. The accomplice ran away on foot. Way to stick in there with your pal.
UPDATE: The accomplice, a 16-year-old, was apprehended.

June 2, 2013:
Enrique Herrera, of Texas City, TX, arrived home after work just before 3am to find that he had been followed by Dumb and Dumber. 26-year-old Lekenvrick Deon Nelson, of La Marque and 24-year-old Jermaine White approached the the 60-year-old and attempted to relieve Herrera of his belongings. Herrera pulled his own gun and a gun fight ensued, Herrera was struck in the thigh and the boneheads ran away. Nelson made it as far as across the street before he collapsed and White was picked up by police a few blocks down the road. I'm sure Nelson's final thoughts were "Hey jackwagon, it's Texas, is not safe for violent offenders.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Santa Monica Shooting

I've remained quiet about the mass shooting in Santa Monica because I wanted to wait for the facts to come out. I've waited long enough. For those of you who are waiting for my to give my condolences for the victims and family, don't wait too long. While the gun grabbing prohibitionists are blaming the NRA, I blame the citizens of California, and I'll get to that later.

I found it mighty suspicious that will all of the photos available of the weapons and ammunition, the AR was missing. There was a revolver that appears to be circa 1800s, there was an AR upper receiver  which was stated to be an extra one that the shooter was carrying. There were numerous ammunition magazines for the AR rifle, there was even a picture taken from a video that shows the shooter carrying what appears to be an AR type rifle, but no picture of the complete rifle itself.

As I suspected, and as 89.3 KPCC radio station reported yesterday, the AR-15 type rifle was homemade.

Investigators found a drill press in 23-year-old John Zawahri's bedroom among other materials that indicate he likely assembled the weapon.

The drill press is used to help finish building the rifle by drilling holes in the lower receiver. A lower receiver that is only 80 percent complete can easily be purchased, and because it is not complete a person isn't required to go through a background check nor does it need to have a serial number.

As I've said before, time and time again, regardless of the laws, criminals will get firearms. The gun prohibitionists even admit as much when they claim they want universal background checks to make it harder for criminals to get guns. Here's the truth, universal background checks won't make it harder for criminals to get guns, I would guarantee it took less than five hours for the shooter to manufacture his own. How do I know, that's how long it took me with hand tools in my wood shop. I didn't even use a drill press, I used a battery operated drill and a rotary tool.

Furthermore, a recent ATF study shows that:

The majority of guns used by inner-city gang members in Chattanooga come from burglaries and car break-ins in surrounding counties, the lead local ATF agent said.

Some of the weapons reviewed were purchased at gun shows in what are called "straw buys" -- where a legal buyer purchases guns off the books in private sales and then resells the weapons for profit to gang members.

But most of the weapons traced in the review were stolen from legal gun owners, Hill said.

There are already laws against straw buying and theft, one more law won't make a difference.

KPCC FM also reports that the shooter had several homemade single shot zip guns, a fake gun, and an old revolver that was converted to shoot .45 caliber ammunition. The last time police had contact with him was seven years ago when they found bomb making materials at his house. The search was prompted by threats to students and teachers at a high school.

Zawahri's 15-minute midday rampage Friday spanned a mile between his father's home, where his father and brother were shot to death, and Santa Monica College, where police shot him to death in the library. Along the way he fired at vehicles and strangers, fatally wounding three people. One other person was seriously wounded and two others had minor injuries.

Fifteen minutes and more than a mile of shooting and not one single person was able to do one damn thing about it, except drive him from his fathers house to the the campus. All the while, he was shooting at pedestrians and automobiles. Not a single freaking person pulled a gun to shoot back, and the driver of the car failed to draw her own gun and shoot the sorry ass in the back of his head while he was leaning out of the car shooting at other people. Why? Because the citizens of California keep voting in the same state legislator pricks that keep voting to infringe their right to self defense  The citizens of California keep voting in Feinstein and Boxer, who in turn, keep pushing for more infringements on the rights of the citizens of the United States. If you're waiting for my condolences  wait no longer, it won't be coming. Of all the mass shootings since the 1980s, that Mother Jones has been keeping track of, California has had ten. That is three times more than any other state. Every time there is a notable shooting in California, the legislators pass more gun control laws. California has every single gun control law that every single gun control group want save for one. A complete ban and confiscation of semiautomatic firearms. Hey people of California, stop voting these clowns in office and take responsibility for your own safety.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Open letter to Senators RE: S. 649

Dear Senators

Have any of you read S. 649? Specifically the background check requirements. Under the proposed bill, the following innocent activity would be a felony if the transfer is not done through a federal firearms licensed dealer:

  • If you go to a party and hand your firearm to the homeowner for safe storage.
  • If you are in a self defense situation and you hand your firearm to someone to protect himself.
  • If you go to your friend’s house and hand him your firearm for him to inspect your new purchase.
  • If you give a firearm as a gift to your uncle, that raised you.
  • If you store your firearm collection at someone’s home for safe keeping while you are out of town. You will also have to go through an FFL and background check in order to get your firearms back.
  • If you and a non related roommate share a gun safe and either one of you leave for more than seven days.
  • If you give a firearm, that has been a family heirloom, to a nephew that you raised.
  • If you let someone on a private shooting range inspect your firearm.
  • While you may gift a firearm to certain family members, you cannot receive anything of value in return.
  • While you may gift a firearm to certain family members, you can't loan those certain family members a firearm

There are many more scenarios where I can see someone unintentionally breaking the law including, if you hand your firearm over to, or otherwise allow the transfer of your firearm to a police officer. While the bill contains the exemption “by operation of law”, as it’s written, it appears to apply only to estate owned firearms being transferred to the legal heirs.

There are no exemptions for law enforcement departments to issue firearms without first having to go through an FFL. While I am no fan of exemptions to firearm laws for law enforcement personnel, lacking this exemption may harm community safety

There are no exemptions for security companies that issue firearms to their personnel.

There are no exemptions for firearm instructors that operate on private shooting ranges.

This bill is a legal disaster looking for a victim, compliance would still be voluntary, albeit illegal and still won’t affect already illegal transfers, such as those between prohibited persons. What would compel a criminal seller to conduct a background check on his criminal buyer anyway? Telling a criminal seller he has to make a firearms transfer through an FFL is like telling a crack dealer he has to sell his crack at a pharmacy, it won't happen.

If the Senate wants to address background checks, open up NCIS to the public, it would still be voluntary but it would still get the same compliance rate.

Bill Baldwin