Wednesday, May 30, 2012

La, Chicago, more La, tab clearing

I've got a few minutes waiting on a phone call and I thought I'd clear out some tabs.

La is doing some mighty fine work. Their state legislators were apparently upset that they didn't make it to the Baldwin Top Ten. When it costs as much as it does for a CCW and takes forever to get one, you lose points, me personally, I don't have one because I don't need one, or want one, but the fine citizens over in Louisiana that do want one have to wait, and wait, and wait and when I was doing the scoring for the Baldwin Top Ten gun friendly states, this cost the state 10 or 15 points, I forget. Anyway, SB 303 has passed committee, the House, the Senate, another committee and it looks like it is headed to the Ballot for the good people of Louisiana to vote on it. For those that don't know, SB 303 is a Constitutional amendment that declares that the right to own, purchase, possess, use, transport, etc. is a fundamental right and any laws prohibiting these rights must pass strict scrutiny.

Chicago has finally realized that they have a gang problem. Yes, those thugs that are criminals that don't register their firearms with the local government seem to be a problem.

What do they plan on doing about it?

On Tuesday, Emanuel and McCarthy outlined their strategy for dealing with Chicago’s gun violence — including improved intelligence on gang activity, increased efforts to rid communities of the “cancer” of liquor stores where much of the violence occurs, and ridding the streets of guns responsible for so much of that violence.

1. Gather intelligence on gang activity.
2. Rid the city of liquor
3. Rid the streets of guns.

I'm sure by "ridding the streets of guns" he's talking about increasing the fees to register firearms, or for a gun owner to possess TWO separate firearm owner cards, because, you know, all the street gangs these days are registering their firearms.

Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy noted:

70-80 percent of the shootings are gang related and that “4 percent of the population drives 90 percent of the violence in the city.”

So, the other 96% must the law abiding citizens that actually adhere to the law, and the ones that are punished by having to abide by the strict gun control laws.

Heading back to Louisiana, some ass wipe introduced a bill that would make it a crime to discharge a firearm within a 1000 feet of a residence in unincorporated areas of the state. Yes, it would have been against the law to target practice in your own back yard. The bill got struck down, but this is what the anti's mean when they talk about stronger laws, they mean MORE laws. You see, La already has a law that makes it a Felony to discharge a firearm (or do anything with anything) when it's foreseeable that it may result in death or great bodily harm to a human. You can find that in La RS 14:94(a). You see, it's already against the law to discharge a firearm when it's dangerous to other people, but MORE laws would make it even more illegaler. Well, not quite, because HB 204 would make it a misdemeanor.

I have a gun range on my ranch. It's set up near the house, but we fire away from the home (I don't want to be shooting toward my home, do I?). A law like this would make that a crime. I suppose they'd prefer someone in my situation fire toward the home. Dumbasses.

Still no phone call, but that's all I've got for now. What do you think about the LA law?

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