Monday, March 12, 2012

Brady Bunch Score Card BIG FAIL

So, the Brady people released some type of score card for states that umm, I dunno, have restrictive gun laws that supposedly reduce violent crime or umm....I dunno, let's look at their mission statement.

The Brady Campaign works to pass and enforce sensible federal and state gun laws, regulations, and public policies through grassroots activism, electing public officials who support common sense gun laws, and increasing public awareness of gun violence. Through our Million Mom March and Brady Chapters, we work locally to educate people about the dangers of guns, honor victims of gun violence, and pass sensible gun laws, believing that all Americans, especially children, have the right to live free from the threat of gun violence.

I read that as: working to pass restrictive gun laws that reduce violent crime. Back to this 'score card'. Looking at the scores, one would be led to believe that the highest possible score, according to Brady, would indicate that the states with the most 'common sense' gun laws  in place, will have less violent crimes. One would also be led to believe that the states with the lowest score, have the more gun friendly laws. I found both of these statements to be woefully incorrect.
Comparisons (and the truth) after the jump

What's noticed first, it that the nation's capitol, Washing, DC, is missing from the list. Although DC is technically not a state, one would think that it should be graded by Brady. DC is not 'scored' by Brady. With some of the most restrictive laws, you'd think Brady would want to give DC at least an 81, but no. I can only suppose that Brady didn't want to mention DC because of the absolute failures of the DC gun ban. DC has the highest violent crime rate (1330.2) and the absolute highest murder rate (21.9) in all of the United States. That's higher rates than Mexico!

Back to the scorecard. While looking over the card, I began to notice that things aren't as the Bradys would lead you to believe, so I decided to do some comparisons. I wanted to compare the violent crime rates and murder rates of the top ten Brady states, to the top 10 gun friendly states, or, as I will refer to them as the Baldwin states. Brady has done half of my work for me. They have pointed out the top ten states with the most restrictive gun laws. Looking at the bottom 10 on their list would cause one to believe that these are the states with the most gun friendly attitudes, but one would be wrong. To make it to the top ten of the Baldwin list, a state must have constitutional carry. Open and Concealed get extra points. Scoring a 0 on the Brady list get's the state an automatic place. States must also have Shall Issue laws and the cost of the Carry Permit must be minimal. First, let me list the Brady Top Ten: (All violent crime rates and murder rates come directly from the FBI Uniform Crime Reports Table 5, 2010)

* BS is short for Brady Score, or whatever.
I realize that the gun haters will think that I'm going to cherry pick the Baldwin Top Ten, but let me put that to rest. Next I will list the Brady's bottom ten and compare violent crime and murder rates:

As you can clearly see, the Brady's top ten have a higher average violent crime rate and a higher average murder rate than their bottom ten. Please note that only three of the bottom ten get an automatic place in the Baldwin Top Ten because of their 0 Brady score, any state with a Brady score of 8 or more is automatically disqualified.

The reason some of these bottom ten don't get a place in the Baldwin Top Ten is because cost of CCW license, wait time for CCW license and the carry restrictions associated with the CCW. Since Brady has already chosen three of my Top Ten, I have to choose 7 more.

My first pick is Vermont. Vermont is chosen because of their Constitutional Carry and they have State Preemption of local restrictions.

Wyoming is tied with Vermont. Was shall issue and now not an issue. Wyoming is now non-restricted.

New Hampshire is up next. New Hampshire offers a $10 license to residents with a 14 day maximum turnaround time allowed by law.

Idaho makes the cut with their Constitutional Open Carry, State Preemption and their 90 day turn around time.

S. Dakota makes the list with it's Constitutional Open Carry, State Preemption, and their 5 day permit. S.

Dakota will soon have Constitutional conceal carry and will move up on the list.

Maine made the list with their Constitutional Open Carry, 30 day turnaround for CCW permits and Preemption laws.

Iowa barely made the list due to the requirement to have a permit to purchase a handgun. This permit is not required if the purchaser has a concealed carry permit and Iowa is considering Constitutional Carry.

There you have it, boys and girls. Bill Baldwin's Top Ten Gun Friendly States. Now, let's see how the Baldwin Ten compare to the Brady 10 in terms of Violent Crime and Murder rates

Now you can see it with you're own eyes. The Brady picks have over a 30% higher violent crime rate and nearly twice the murder rate as the Baldwin Top Ten. And those bitches keep saying less guns equal less crime, yeah, my ass.

What do you think?

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