Thursday, August 1, 2013

* DGUs outside of the home, July end of month

July 14, 2013:
Philadelphia bar owner closed up shot and drove home, only to be followed by three thugs that wanted what they didn't work for. The armed yoots demanded cash but what they got was embarrassed. The bar owner pulled his concealed handgun and went all Hollywood and shot the gun out of one of the thugs hands. Not wanting to stick around for a shootout with Quick Draw McGraw, the other two perps fled the scene. The victimized villain was transported to Hahnemann Hospital in serious condition. What's not noted is if his serious condition is related to the gunshot wound or his ego as a thug.

July 15, 2013:
42-year-old James Hayes, of Ambridge, PA, wasn't about to brake no gun lawz to commit an armed robbery, so he did the next best thing. Hayes grab himself a BB gun and entered a convenience store to commit an armed robbery. The clerk wasn't having any of that nonsense and pulled his own gun. After a tussle, Hayes made a break for it. Not living on the edge enough, Hayes then broke into a woman's apartment nearby, only to have his getaway foiled by her going outside to notify the police that he was there. Interim Police Chief James Mann said Hayes “is one of the world’s dumbest, and luckiest to be alive, criminals.” Luckiest, maybe. Dumbest, we'll see about that.

July 16, 2013:
Larry Kidd, 29, and Jason Penley, 24, both of Bluefield, WV, tried their hands at armed robbery. The first was at Patty’s at the Bluefield Plaza on Cumberland Road, a video lottery parlor, where the duo made of with some chump change. Not happy with their small take, or needing a place to rest, they continued on to the Economy Inn, also on Cumberland Road. Details are scarce, but apparently they demanded something with their ax handle and knife, but demanded it from the wrong person. The clerk pulled a gun and Penley sustained a single gunshot wound to the chest. I'm guessing that kind of deflated his ambitions of being a successful armed robber. Penley was transported to the hospital for his phisical wounds. Both have been charged in the robberies.