Thursday, May 31, 2012

CSGV: Can't Handle The Truth Edition.

I was over at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) Facebook page and noticed a comment from one of their, umm, what do you call people that comment on your Facebook? We'll go with Facebook commenter. This commenter, Marche, commented that she copied a pasted a comment by someone else. Her copy/paste was, in part:

the 2nd admendment was written at a time where the U.S had no central govenrment, no single united standing army, no policemen etc.. Plus they where fighting for freedom frm an unjust Kingdom.. The 2nd adm. was for citizens protecting & arming themselves in case of need of revolution(think of the times) not each other..

We'll get to that in a minute. CSGV's response was:

Marche, you've made a slew of great points in your above comment.

Clearly someone at CSGV didn't read the whole comment because Marche stated that it was a copy/paste from another person. Marche corrected them of course.

Getting to Marche's comment now. The comment is historically wrong and so, like any good citizen, I brought her attention to it and left the following message:

Marche the information you copied and pasted is historically wrong. The 2A wasn't written in anticipation of the American Revolution, which ended in 1781, the Bill of Rights was written After the revolution and didn't come into effect until 1791, 10 years after the war was over and 8 years after a treaty was signed with the British.

Apparently the CSGV CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH and prefers that the people that they market their hatred to be uniformed, uneducated and blindly follow their word as the truth. You see, I checked back on their Facebook page and surprise, surprise, surprise, my comment was gone, vanished, disappeared, lost in the darkness that is CSGV. It's a good thing I have screen caps. It seems as though Ladd Everitt, Director of Communications, CSGV, Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence apparently doesn't plan on educating people with the truth, just their made-up, make believe 'truth' and all others who tell the truth will be 'disappeared'.

Notice my comment, and the comment box

Then after my comment and suspiciously, there is no comment box anymore. Does this mean I've been blocked?


  1. Bill- You obviously don't fit into their educational process. But if it matters, I firmly enjoy your writings.

    1. Thank you very much, I suppose it's kind of hard to lead the educated with lies and deceptions.

  2. Actually, she/he is right and you are historically incorrect.

    1. that's all you've got? No citations or references, not even a correction? You must be the life of the party in your social circles.

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