Monday, May 14, 2012

NYPD has tax payer funded private security

Yeah, you read that title right. Apparently their stuff is more important than the stuff of the citizens of New York, so now they have private security in their locker room, all funded by the tax payers. I wonder why they don't post security details at everyone's homes that were broken into, or had things stolen.

NYPOST Cops’ house louse

Instead of hitting the streets, cops are being paid to patrol an NYPD locker room.

Because, apparently, their stuff is more important than the stuff of the citizens of NYC.

Police Department brass recently assigned an around-the-clock security detail to the locker room of the Ninth Precinct station house in the East Village, where at least four 9mm handguns, an iPad and even bulletproof vests have been stolen since February, sources told The Post.

I wonder who else NYPD's finest are stealing from.

“The city is worried about keeping crime down on the streets, but they can’t even control it in their own precincts,” one source fumed.

“The precinct has created a semi-permanent post in the locker room where the guns had gone missing. So rather than having cops patrol the streets, they are now patrolling their own locker rooms. It’s really absurd.”

Two patrol cops and one sergeant have now been assigned to “locker-room duty” for every shift at the Ninth Precinct at 321 E. 5th St., where they monitor the log book and keep an eye on fellow officers’ lockers after the embarrassing thefts.

But who is keeping an eye on the Thieves in Blue on the street around other peoples things? I wonder, how much this private security at the police locker room is costing the taxpayers? Let's see if we can figure this out. According to nypdrecruit, a patrol officer with 2.5 years experience is paid $53,819, and the one sergeant with 5 years experience is making $69,005 per year for a total of $529,929 per year for all 9 of the locker room security detail.

The nine cops used per day are generally not being paid overtime, but additional OT could pile up from the move as supervisors juggle manpower, sources said.

Oh, so it can cost more than $529,929 per year. WOW, that's some expensive ipods and 9mms. Juggling manpower? Does that mean that there are 9 less patrols on the streets of NYC?

The brass also beefed up security for the lockers themselves, adding a second lock to each one after the 10 to 12 thefts were discovered, including the most recent April 22, when one of the guns was stolen.

10-12? Doesn't anyone know the exact number? This is the police, don't they have, what are those things called, oh yeah, REPORTS?

Previously, lockers had one combination lock — and many were broken and could be easily opened by just banging on the door, the sources said.

Well, if you can't trust the police, who can you trust?

When the first two officers reported their guns missing, they were grilled by IAB investigators, who initially suspected the cops had lost the weapons and were just trying to cover up their carelessness.

What? The investigators didn't believe the police that are sworn to uphold the laws of the State of New York? What kind of place is this?


  1. Bill- This story somewhat goes to your post. In 1982, when Chicago banned handguns, Mayor Jane Byrne became the first Chicago mayor to have a 24 hour security detail. This detail continues today. The security detail is two armed CPD officers wherever the Mayor goes.

    1. I guess some people's lives are worth more than other, too.

  2. Not shocking at all, although this article is enlightening... for those shocked they shouldn't and probably REALLY aren't because they are aware of the fact that EVERY DISCIPLINE & INSTITUTION in u.s.a. is a part of its imperialism... Nypd, Cod included. Each part serves as a means by which the euro-amero-albino(*misnomered:"white".) intends to maintain dominance over the poor nationally and internationally. The church, schools, etc. are all involved... ALL ARE IN TANDEM!!! Should this "misdirection" of blood money really surprise you! Think Wall St., or before that about the various dumb ass space projects, etc. Get your head out your asses and look up! The euro-albino is sick and insane and is about to reap revolutionary payback/revenge.