Tuesday, April 10, 2012

CSGV wants new law for law abiding, not criminals

Yesterday, CSGV tweeted:

"Law-abiding gun owners"? Hardly. The law allows repeat misdemeanants to buy guns. And private gun sales are TOTALLY unregulated, no check.

So, I engaged them with:

@CSGV what would force criminals to comply with NICS on private sales?

To my surprise, I actually got a response this time

@WildBillBaldwin There should be criminal penalties for individuals who sell guns w/o conducting background checks. & enforced strictly.

Apparently, someone was reading from a script. This twitterer, or is it tweeter, Twit maybe, didn't address the question, only restated that there should be another law.

So I asked again:

@CSGV But what would force a criminal to comply and how do you enforce?

To which, they replied:

@WildBillBaldwin Private sales are already regulated in approximately 20 states. You enforce by prosecuting sellers & buyers who break law.

20, really? I didn't want to go check so I took their word on that. When I was scoring states for the Baldwin Top Ten, I omitted every state with Brady score of 8 or more, there were 22 states that I didn't look at so I suppose it's possible. maybe one day I'll score all of the states.

I asked:

@CSGV but with 300M firearms already in circulation, wouldn't that require registration or firearms and owners?

@WildBillBaldwin Nope. Nor does it in the state currently regulating private sales. Apples and oranges.

I'm really wanting to know, without some type of sting operation on individual sellers, how would criminals be forced to obey a NICS requirement on private sales.

@CSGV NICS on Private would limit criminals from buying from law abiding, what would stop buying from other criminals?

And then I get the answer:

@WildBillBaldwin Current felony statutes for felons in possession of firearms, for starters. Most prosecuted, too, b/c. penalties are strong

That's right, EXISTING law, for starters. Apparently their proposed private sale NICS check wouldn't affect criminals, only the law abiding private sellers. I wonder why CSGV wants a new law that would only affect the law abiding, but rely on existing law to prosecute criminals. It seems that the coalition to stop gun violence really wants to stop gun ownership.

I had to leave my office for a while and came back to:

@WildBillBaldwin Hardly. You just like anarchy like other pro-gun extremists.

I guess they liked the attention I was giving them and was feeling ignored when I left my office.


  1. BB- Please forgive my ignorance in regards to Federal gun laws and abbreviations. I've only concerned myself with what it takes for me to legally own guns where I live. And of course, conceal/carry legislature (I live in Illinois). As I'm trying to understand all the Federal stuff, I may have some questions.
    What does CSGV and NICS stand for? Thanks.

  2. Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. It's an anti-rights group that want to limit civilian gun ownership. Similar to Brady Campaign, which a lot of pro-rights people call Brady Bunch.

    NICS is National Instant Criminal Background Check System and is operated by the FBI. It's the instant background check an FFL (federal firearms license holder/ firearms dealer)is required to do before selling a firearm to a non FFL (consumer).