Friday, May 25, 2012

More TSA Rat Bastard Asshattery

I hate the TSA. This agency is an abomination to the 4th Amendment. They're clueless, worthless, and useless. Dumbasses.

We've all heard or read about the TSA storing millions of dollars worth of useless equipment, but apparently they're not happy with having equipment just sitting around in warehouses, now they want to spend another $3M on toys such as Ipods, Iphones, and Ipads. I wonder if someone within the TSA is related to an apple store owner.

John Pistole changed screening for children under 12 last fall so they could leave shoes on and avoid, in most cases, invasive pat downs, but then hires a Catholic priest who was removed from the ministry over sex abuse allegations. Yeah, that'll make it easier on the kids.

Of course, TSA Rat Bastards don't limit their groping to the kids, they like to feel up cancer survivors and make them remove their prosthetic breast, while standing in line. Dumbass Rat Bastards.

When asked what the problem is, Pistole agreed that it's a lack of training. No, Dumbass, it's because the entire agency has their heads up their asses, oh, and they hire sex offenders who like to feel up kids, and grandmas, and Congressmen, oh, and kids. Dumbasses

Let's go back to private security and shut down this dumbass agency.

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