Friday, June 8, 2012

Indonesia wants to confiscate legal guns

Indonesia, another Brady paradise. Although civilians are allowed to own firearms, according to, civilians must get a permit to own a firearm, and of course they must register it. Also, the permits are limited to the special class of people. According to The Jakarta Globe:

Under Indonesia's gun laws, only citizens employed in select professions can be issued a gun permit. Among those allowed to legally pack heat in Indonesia are doctors, public officials, lawmakers, members of the military and police and corporate heads.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Reactive Target Ban Loophole?

Back in February sometime there was some hoopla about Binary Explosive Targets over in Maryland. As far as my research can tell, no one has been arrested for misusing a binary explosive target and a news article confirms this. So why outlaw the use of reactive targets? Because some panty waste prick got his g-string all up in a twist as far as I can tell.

From the news story in Feb.

"Once I mix it, I have a high-explosive compound. In order to have a high explosive in my possession, in order to make it, in order to use it (in) the state of Maryland, you must have a license," says Deputy State Fire Marshal Joe Flanagan

Waaaahhhhh you Dumbass.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More killin', Dennis Henigan style

Just some headlines, and of course, my comments. Before we get to that, something happened to the Chicago data, the post is gone. I don't know what happened to it, if I have the time, or inclination, I'll look into it. On to the headlines

The TSA Rat Bastards are getting an earful from Tennessee Congressman Marsha Blackburn.

"...This report details highly disturbing cases where pedophiles and child pornographers wearing federal law enforcement uniforms are not only patting down unsuspecting travelers, but in many cases stealing valuables from their bags..."

Here's a question for you, if a thief is stealing valuables, he's committing a crime, right? Of course. If a pedophile is patting down a child, isn't he also committing a crime?