Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Follow the Gestapo

Claire Ferguson | Staff Columnist over at Student Life, the independent newspaper of Washington University in St. Louis since 1878  has apparently been indoctrinated either by her school or some other representative of the anti-rights establishment. She typed up a piece titled Stricter gun control needed.

She starts her screed with:

In light of the recent shooting at Chardon High School in Ohio....While we do have a constitutional right to bear arms, in light of this tragedy and others similar to it, the argument can be made that there should be tighter regulations on how those guns are purchased and what can be done with them.

Oh, really? Would you also say the same thing about voting? I thought not. Please, Ms. Ferguson, enlighten all of us dummies on what should be done.

The guidelines for purchasing a new gun today are, from the point of view of the customer, that one walks into the store, picks out a gun, and comes back after the store after the proper documents have been processed/approved. The dealer must ask for a photo ID and for the purchaser to fill out form 4473, which is kept on file at the store permanently. Depending on the state, the store may ask for other personal information. Some require purchasing firearm locks, proving that the customer owns a gun safe, or requiring that the customer pass a test before they are authorized to purchase. Many of these regulations seem very levelheaded and logical, but a few requirements, such as taking mandatory gun handling and safety classes, undergoing a psych evaluation, or acknowledging any children or teens that would be in contact of the weapon, should also be considered as new policies.

Would you also say the same thing about a person's right to choose her own religion? I thought not, but let's not stop there. Let's point out a few things.
1. I'm not sure what proper documents must be processed/approved
2. Form 4473 is held for 20 years. If the FFL goes out of business, the 4473's are transferred to ATF
3. Missouri has no requirements for firearm locks, gun safes, or testing.
Now that that is out of the way.
Ms. Ferguson, would you also require testing for exercising the rights protected under the 4th Amendment? How about a psych evaluation before one could have children? If the parents aren't mentally fit to raise kids, why should they have the right to have kids?

She continues with:

These laws, however, only apply to the licensed, store-to-customer sale of new and used guns. They do not apply to the personal/private sale of a gun between two people. 

The firearm used in the school shooting was purchased at retail with the form 4473 filled out and "proper documents approved", so how would applying these requirements on private sales change the situation?

...but as we have seen in the case of past school shootings, guns in the wrong hands, without the proper clearance, can be deadly.

What you fail to realize, it that the school shooter broke laws before he ever killed anyone. Stealing a firearm is a felony, transporting stolen property is a crime. A juvenile being in possession without permission from his parents is a crime. Bringing a weapon onto school property was a crime and killing people is a crime. Criminals don't follow the law, that's why they are labeled criminals.

Using computer technology and communication, firearms could be more easily monitored: it’s as easy as putting information into the computer that can be logged by a government database.

Yes, of course, why not have the government track everything you do, just to make sure you don't break the law. Why not have the government mandate how many food points you have to buy, I'm sure that will sit well with you.

She finishes with:

But, above all the shouting for change or against it, our most immediate thoughts and prayers should be for the families of the victims of the Chardon school shooting.

But that's not what you did, was it? What you did was call for change. We call that blood dancing. Let's hope you can open your eyes and learn to think for yourself and not blindly follow in the footsteps of the Gestapo leading you.

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