Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Black woman shoots Child, FL

Where is the OUTRAGE? Ok, headline was just to get your attention. It's true, though, a black woman did, in fact, shoot a 16 year old boy. It is suspected that he was going to rob the woman.

Via Keep and Bear Arms
From ABC Action News, Tampa, FL.

Taquanda Baker doesn't remember the suspect saying anything. She just remembers seeing his gun.
"I was standing here," she said, pointing to a spot near her cash register. "As I saw him coming, he already had the gun up." 

He didn't say anything, but she shot him anyway. Maybe he just found that gun and was giving it to the nearest adult.

Baker pulled her gun out of her pocket, misfiring a shot into the wall, then aimed and shot again.
"He stumbled about 3 feet back, hit the floor, and I shot out the door," she recalls.
Baker ran outside her convenience store to Armenia Avenue and flagged down a TPD cruiser.
"I was like, 'I just shot somebody. Help me! Help me! Help me!"
While paramedics raced the suspect to the hospital, police put Baker in handcuffs and in the backseat of a patrol car.
She told them she not only knew the person she shot -- she knew he was only 16. 

Taquanda, sweetie, get some range time drawing from your pocket, with your firearm unloaded. It'd be a true shame for you to have to protect yourself again, and shoot yourself or a bystander in the process. I'll leave the rest of the critiquing to others.

Nothing in this post should be construed as me disparaging Ms. Baker. The point of this post is WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE from VPC, Brady, Coalition, Victims Counsel, and others? chirp, chirp. Yep, silence. In one news event we have a young man beating another man's head against concrete and the world wants to condemn him before an investigation, in this story, we have a young man shot simply because he held a pistol in his hand and nothing in the national news.I don't understand.

What's your opinion of why the Anti-Rights Establishment is silent on this matter?


  1. BB- If it was a black on black crime, it would not suit the purposes of said groups.

  2. I'm actually surprised that the anti's didn't get involved. Considering there was no threat from the deceased, you'd think they'd be raising hell.