Thursday, March 29, 2012

Baldwin v Brady, crimes committed with firearms

I've done the Baldwin top ten states with the most relaxed gun laws v Brady top ten states with the most stringent gun laws comparison looking at Violent Crime Rates and Murder Rates. Of course, the Baldwin Top Ten has the lower crime rates. Today I'm looking at the percentage of crimes where a firearm is used.

Let's get started. First, we'll compare the percent of murder that is committed with a firearm. This information can be found on Table 20 of the 2010 FBI Uniform Crime Report.

Brady Top Ten

While the Brady bunch ranked  less than the national average of 67.5% with 63.24%

Baldwin Top Ten:

You can see that they don't compare to the Baldwin Top Ten with and average of 51.44%

We'll compare the percentage of Robberies committed with a firearm next. This information can be fount on Table 21 of the 2010 FBI URC.

Brady Top Ten:

While the Brady's average of 31.49% of Robberies being committed with a firearm is below the national average of 41.4%, it still doesn't compare well to the Baldwin Top ten

with an average of 26.35%

Next up, Aggravated Assault. This information is located on Table 22 of the 2010 FBI UCR

Again, the Brady Top Ten came in below the national average of 20.6% with their 18.1%, but still above the Baldwin Top Ten:
with an average of 13.68%

It seems that not only do more guns equal less crime, but less crime with guns. Eat that Brady Bunch.

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