Friday, March 2, 2012

Brady Bunch at it again.

Over at the Washington Post wrote a piece titled Why it is easier for a kid to get a gun in Ohio than in many other states

She starts with

It is not clear yet how the teenager accused of staging a deadly assault on students at a Ohio high school obtained the weapon he allegedly used, but the state’s gun laws don’t make it hard for young people to get their hands on a gun.

Really? It's not clear. I thought that the grandparents admitted that they were missing a firearm from a barn. Perhaps research isn't one of Valerie's strong points.

That's not what this posting is about though. It's about what Daniel Vice, senior attorney for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (no link for you), had to say:

Ohio has no requirement that private sellers conduct a background check on gun buyers. This means a teenager could buy a handgun from a private seller, including at a gun show, with no background check, no questions asked. The Columbine shooters got their guns this way.

No, you doofus, it's against the law to sell a handgun to anyone under 21. IT'S AGAINST THE LAW! I guess you're saying laws don't prevent crimes and gun control doesn't work. Of course, he has to mention Columbine and again pointing out that gun control laws don't work. BTW Mr. Doofus, the fellas that sold the handguns to the shooters went to jail.

I see he failed to mention Virginia Tech. Why is that? Oh, because it was another failure of gun control. The shooter there passed a background check, waited more than 30 days to buy his second firearm (from an FFL) and then went on a shooting spree.

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