Friday, March 9, 2012

CSGV Playing the blame game

The Coalition to stop Gun Violence has posted on it's Facebook wall, a comment about the recent Pittsburg Psych Clinic shooting with a link to an updated story.

What struck me as odd is the comment that CSGV left on it's own post
"Terrible. We've let the NRA make these types of mass shootings become a daily occurrence in our country. It's sickening."

Really? Daily? Let's be honest with ourselves, this is not a daily occurrence, but that's not the point of this post. Blaming the NRA for a shooting in a gun-free zone, which the Anti-Rights Establishment fights so hard to increase, is the very definition of Buck Passing. Hey Dumbasses, you're the ones who want gun-free zones, bitches.

Here's what the University of Pittsburgh has to say on weapons:
Possession of firearms and/or weapons in University housing or on University premises is strictly prohibited.  Included in the definition of firearms and weapons is:  ammunition, bows and arrows, pellet/BB guns, paint ball guns, knives, sling shots, tazers, mace, num-chucks, and any item described as being an “offensive weapon” under the Pennsylvania Crimes Code.

That's right, you're not even allowed to possess defensive weapons such as Mace or Tazers.

Looking at the article, we can see just how powerless the potential victims were.

Shooting witness Gregory Brant said he was in a waiting room on the first floor of the clinic building when pandemonium broke out Thursday afternoon.
"We heard a bunch of yelling, some shooting, people yelling, 'Hide! Hide!" he said. "Everyone's yelling, 'Stay down!'"
Brant, 53, and six other people, including a young girl and her parents, barricaded themselves inside the waiting room. But he said they did not feel safe because there were doors with windows along adjacent walls.
"The way the room was arranged, if he (the gunman) had gone to either window and would have seen us in there, he could have done whatever he wanted," Brant said.
The group crouched in a corner, hoping the gunman wouldn't see them as he went past, Brant said. The men in the group decided on the spot that if the gunman entered the room, they would rush him.
"We were kind of sitting ducks," Brant said. "Luckily, he didn't see us in there, and we didn't make eye contact with him."

Hide, hide. Not take cover and get ready to shoot back. Just a bunch of sitting ducks waiting for their fate with nothing to protect themselves, not even bullet resistant glass. Of course, this is all the fault of the NRA, not the Anti-Rights Establishment pushing for target rich, I mean gun-free zones.

Taking a look at the CSGV website we see their Mission Statement is:

MISSION STATEMENT: The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence seeks to secure freedom from gun violence through research, strategic engagement and effective policy advocacy.

Wasn't it a gun that actually stopped the gun violence? Had this not been a gun-free zone, wouldn't it have been possible for someone else,  maybe a gun toting civilian, to put a stop to the shooting before seven people were shot? Who knows, but the law-abiding citizens weren't given that chance. I wonder what would have happened if that police officer wasn't there.

Interesting, Brady Campaign is silent on the shooting. It makes one wonder if they're feeling a little bit guilty for lobbying for target rich, oops, gun-free zones.

What do you think?

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