Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More on the Oikos shooting

Brady took a break from dancing in the blood of a teenager to condemn the 'lax' gun laws of California. From their Facebook page:

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Oikos University victims and their families. Let us redouble our commitment to stop gun violence and hold elected officials accountable for the lax laws, policies, and mindsets that make it easy for these tragedies to happen in America.

Yep, Kali, their numero uno fav-or-ite state with the strictest gun laws in the nation is now on the back side of a hand swatting.

I tweeted Brady for a comment, but got none from the home office, but in Texas, is reporting:

But for Marsha McCartney, president of the Dallas-based North Texas Chapter of the Brady Campaign, a nationwide organization in favor of gun ownership restrictions, the California killings are another reason why allowing guns on campuses is a bad idea.

Uh, year, the California killings had nothing to do with ALLOWING guns on campus. The California killings had everything to do with NOT ALLOWING grown adults to carry a firearm to protect themselves. In California, guns are not allowed on campus, but prohibited. Seems like that prohibition didn't work out so well.

I wonder if the anti-rights establishment ever considered why most mass shootings have happened in gun-free zones. If gun-free zones are so effective, why not just make them crime free zones?

CBS is reporting:

Oakland police spokeswoman Johnna Watson says there's evidence the shooting was planned in advance.

"When the gunman entered the school, he did take a hostage," she said. "He was looking for a specific administrator who was not there. When he entered the classroom, he directed the students to line up against the wall. Before they had a chance to do that, he started shooting the students."

He didn't say "put your hands up" or "don't make any sudden moves", he said line up so I can kill y'all 'cause y'all ain't allowed to carry firearms to protect yourselves, bitches. Well, maybe he didn't say quite like that, but you get the point.

Had the students been able to carry a firearm, could they have prevented the shooter from killing 7 people? Who knows, but what is known is that these grown adults were prevented from defending themselves.


One of the speakers, Mayor Jean Quan, said the gun violence that shook Oakland this week could occur anywhere in America.
"This is America, where you can find a gun easier than mental health services," she said.

Mayor Jean is partly correct. Gun crime can happen anywhere in America, especially in gun-free, target rich environments where people are forbidden from effectively protecting themselves.

What are your thoughts?

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