Sunday, April 1, 2012

BREAKING: Obama Signs Executive Order Opening Machine Gun Registry

From TTAG:  Nick Leghorn Says

In what may be a bid to gain support for his upcoming election, President Obama signed an executive order yesterday re-opening the machine gun registry for new registrations.

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I suppose I can finish this post now:

In other news

Elvis Presley was found living in the hills of Arkansas. When asked why he'd been hiding for so long, he responded "that late April Fools joke I pulled in August, 1977, wen't terribly wrong and I was too embarrassed to show my face"

Bigfoot has been captured. Come to find out, he's a prankster too. Asked if he would be willing to have an on camera interview, he promptly punched Matt Lauer in the head and ran off. In an effort to protect the public, the NYPD fired 1,855 shots at him, they missed. When asked why they fired so many shots, Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said "we just can't take his reporting or haircut anymore", of course they were referring to Matt.

A U.F.O. was spotted over Chicago over the weekend, come to find out, it was just a bullet from a gang shootout. Shootouts are so rare in the land of restrictive gun laws, it took investigators nearly 2 days to figure out what it was.

On a final note, happy April 1st.

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