Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Guns are not the answer...

until it is the answer, #2

Over in LANDRUM, S.C., WYFF Channel 4 is reporting:

A woman who had just finished doing overnight work in a Landrum business on Saturday was assaulted by two men, but ended up turning the tables on them when she pulled out a gun and shot at them.
The 41-year-old woman had left through the back door of her business at about 1 a.m.  She said she got her car from the parking lot, and pulled up to the back door to retrieve an umbrella she had left inside. She said when she stepped back outside, two men confronted her.

and for the quote of the day:

"First he tried to grab it, but I jerked it away and fired,” she said. “So I really didn't have time to aim."
She said one of the men said, “Oh, hell no,” and they took off running up North Shamrock Street.

And all this happened a block from the police station.

Imagine that, a gun in the hands of a civilian stopping a rape and robbery. A gun is not always the answer to a problem, but when it's the only answer, it's good to have one.

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