Friday, June 14, 2013

Santa Monica Shooting

I've remained quiet about the mass shooting in Santa Monica because I wanted to wait for the facts to come out. I've waited long enough. For those of you who are waiting for my to give my condolences for the victims and family, don't wait too long. While the gun grabbing prohibitionists are blaming the NRA, I blame the citizens of California, and I'll get to that later.

I found it mighty suspicious that will all of the photos available of the weapons and ammunition, the AR was missing. There was a revolver that appears to be circa 1800s, there was an AR upper receiver  which was stated to be an extra one that the shooter was carrying. There were numerous ammunition magazines for the AR rifle, there was even a picture taken from a video that shows the shooter carrying what appears to be an AR type rifle, but no picture of the complete rifle itself.

As I suspected, and as 89.3 KPCC radio station reported yesterday, the AR-15 type rifle was homemade.

Investigators found a drill press in 23-year-old John Zawahri's bedroom among other materials that indicate he likely assembled the weapon.

The drill press is used to help finish building the rifle by drilling holes in the lower receiver. A lower receiver that is only 80 percent complete can easily be purchased, and because it is not complete a person isn't required to go through a background check nor does it need to have a serial number.

As I've said before, time and time again, regardless of the laws, criminals will get firearms. The gun prohibitionists even admit as much when they claim they want universal background checks to make it harder for criminals to get guns. Here's the truth, universal background checks won't make it harder for criminals to get guns, I would guarantee it took less than five hours for the shooter to manufacture his own. How do I know, that's how long it took me with hand tools in my wood shop. I didn't even use a drill press, I used a battery operated drill and a rotary tool.

Furthermore, a recent ATF study shows that:

The majority of guns used by inner-city gang members in Chattanooga come from burglaries and car break-ins in surrounding counties, the lead local ATF agent said.

Some of the weapons reviewed were purchased at gun shows in what are called "straw buys" -- where a legal buyer purchases guns off the books in private sales and then resells the weapons for profit to gang members.

But most of the weapons traced in the review were stolen from legal gun owners, Hill said.

There are already laws against straw buying and theft, one more law won't make a difference.

KPCC FM also reports that the shooter had several homemade single shot zip guns, a fake gun, and an old revolver that was converted to shoot .45 caliber ammunition. The last time police had contact with him was seven years ago when they found bomb making materials at his house. The search was prompted by threats to students and teachers at a high school.

Zawahri's 15-minute midday rampage Friday spanned a mile between his father's home, where his father and brother were shot to death, and Santa Monica College, where police shot him to death in the library. Along the way he fired at vehicles and strangers, fatally wounding three people. One other person was seriously wounded and two others had minor injuries.

Fifteen minutes and more than a mile of shooting and not one single person was able to do one damn thing about it, except drive him from his fathers house to the the campus. All the while, he was shooting at pedestrians and automobiles. Not a single freaking person pulled a gun to shoot back, and the driver of the car failed to draw her own gun and shoot the sorry ass in the back of his head while he was leaning out of the car shooting at other people. Why? Because the citizens of California keep voting in the same state legislator pricks that keep voting to infringe their right to self defense  The citizens of California keep voting in Feinstein and Boxer, who in turn, keep pushing for more infringements on the rights of the citizens of the United States. If you're waiting for my condolences  wait no longer, it won't be coming. Of all the mass shootings since the 1980s, that Mother Jones has been keeping track of, California has had ten. That is three times more than any other state. Every time there is a notable shooting in California, the legislators pass more gun control laws. California has every single gun control law that every single gun control group want save for one. A complete ban and confiscation of semiautomatic firearms. Hey people of California, stop voting these clowns in office and take responsibility for your own safety.

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