Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Rep Donna Edwards wants to confiscate your guns

Rep. Donna F. Edwards ( penned a piece in the Baltimore Sun demanding that Dealing with guns demands more than another moment of silence.

Dealing with guns. Not dealing with the haters that would take advantage of a gun free church to kill innocent people. Not dealing with thugs that would take advantage of a gun free school to murder as many children as he could before the cops showed up. Not dealing with the criminals that run rampant in the city of Chicago that rarely face murder charges for murdering both innocent people and other criminals. She wants to deal with the guns, cos it's the guns' causing mayhem.

President Obama is right: We need more than talk. We need more than another moment of silence. We need a real, sustained commitment to getting handguns and assault weapons off of our streets. Here's how we do it.
She's got a plan, y'all!

We know which guns are the criminals' weapons of choice, so let's ban them from sale and possession.

Oh, she want's to ban the sale and possession of the guns that criminals use. Hmm. I wonder what guns those are.

According to MSNBC that would be the 9mm, .22, .40, 12 gauge and .38. Most certainly S&W, HiPoint and the Jennings type handguns make into a lot of evidence lockers. As well as .22 rifles of all varieties.

So, what's the Rep's solution?

Let's ban the high-capacity magazines that were used to kill 20 children in Newtown. Let's ban the AR-15 and the military style semi-automatic weapons like the one that killed 12 moviegoers in Aurora, Colo.
Oh, yes of course, always have to ban "military style" scary black guns and magazines. I suppose those people killed with a shotgun at the Navy Yard don't matter too much to her.

She has more solutions, too.

For starters, no domestic abuser should be able to get their hands on a gun. No one with a serious mental illness should be able to arm themselves.

Gee, when LaPiere said something about mental illness, all the gun grabbers wanted him to die a firery painful death. But, when we talk gun control, the mentally ill come up.

And make background checks and registration meaningful from one state to the next.

She wants to ban all the guns, and magazines, and have registration. Why would she want registration? Because it would make it easier to ban the sale AND POSSESSION of the next few guns she takes aim at.

I see on social media a lot, and hear it when the mad mommies start flapping their jaws, "we're not talking about banning you all guns". The fact is, if the only gun I own is the one they want to ban, then yes, they're talking about banning all my guns.

What Rep. Edwards fails to state as part of her solution, is how does she plan on confiscating the hundreds of millions of guns she wants to ban. I can only assume it will be at the point of a gun. In which case I wonder, will she be leading the charge?

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