Wednesday, July 15, 2015

MDA hates gun owners, still.

A Florida woman, who was 36 weeks pregnant and upset with her husband, took his pistol from a closet, pulled the slide  back to eject the chambered round, and thinking the gun was unloaded, pointed it at her abdomen. The husband walked into the bedroom, saw what she was doing, and attempted to take the handgun from her. The firearm discharged, striking him in the hand and her in the abdomen, resulting in the death of the unborn child.

The woman was previously convicted of possession of a controlled substance in 2010, escaping from law enforcement in 2012 and at the time of the homicide of the baby, was on probation. She was arrested for a probation violation. There is no indication that the husband has ever been arrested or accused of a crime.

The following is what Moms Demand Action thinks of gun owners and the women that marry them.

It's not reported if there was an argument or what led to her becoming angry, but clearly the anger from Moms Demand Action toward him is his gun ownership.

The baby was delivered by Caesarean section, but did not survive. The MDA members are arguing amongst themselves of whether or not the baby that was delivered via Caesarean section was a fetus or a child.

These people hate you, because you're a gun owner. And, most of them appear to be very evil.

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  1. this is the heights of uncontrolled guns and it is necessary to control the guns.