Friday, July 10, 2015

Everything you wanted to know about lost and stolen firearms

and maybe a little bit more.

1. 19,229 firearms were lost or stolen from FFLs in 2014, 13,510 of those were lost.

2. Pistols account for 30% of lost or stolen firearms, just over half were stolen.

3. Rifles account for 25% of lost or stolen firearms, 80% were lost.

4. 35 suppressors were stolen, another 94 were lost.

5. 35 machine guns went missing in 2014, 13 through burglary, 10 through larceny and 12 were lost.
   5a. Larceny is a non-violent theft akin to embezzlement and used to carry the death penalty.

6. 94 unknown types of firearms were lost. DAFUQ, how you don't know what type of firearm was lost?

7. Wyoming FFLs lost the most firearms with 848, New Jersey FFLs lost the least firearms with 0.

8. North Carolina FFLs lost the most firearms through burglary with 347, Rhode Island had the least with 0.

9. There were a total of 2,157 reports to the ATF regarding lost or stolen firearms.

10. Florida FFLs filed the most lost or stolen reports with 173, New Jersey filed the least with 1.

11. Ohio FFLs lost the most firearms through larceny with 99, New Jersey had the least with 0.

12. Of the 22 robbery reports, Texas filed 11.

13. "Lost firearms" doesn't necessarily mean that a firearm is not in the FFL's inventory. Some things can lead to a firearm being "lost" such as serial numbers being incorrectly recorded when receiving or transferring a firearm, lawfully sold firearms that are not recorded properly in the FFL's Acquisition and Disposition record, and manufacturing engraving errors.

* Due to audits, Texas and New York were largely omitted from these facts.

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