Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gun Free UK is Safer than US....or not

Ahhh, yes. Another comparison from the anti-rights establishment. This time represented by National Gun Victims Action Council. 

They start their little "study" with the question

Do we Know what would happen to the puplic's safety in a country where only the criminals had guns? Yes we do.

Then start and finish the first paragraph with

There is a country where only the criminal have guns—England. ....the criminals illegally get all the guns they want.  They can get hand guns that shoot 32 bullets at a time

I'm not sure if the author was just making a fanciful statement or declaring that gun bans don't work and seriously? their guns shoot 32 bullets at a time? That must be a big ass gun with 32 barrels. I'm sure the author meant that it can hold 32 bullets, but that just shows the ignorance of the anti-rights establishment.

Then, the comparison begins:

England is a country very similar to ours.  They hunt, they collect guns......England has 75 gun homicides per year.

As our population is 5 times that of England’s (300 million vs. 60 million) we should expect 5 times their gun homicides each year or 375.  In fact we have 12,000 each year.  But in our country, not only do criminals have all the guns they want*, but so do the law-abiding citizens. 

There  is only one explanation  for these facts:  It is the law-abiding citizens with guns, not the criminals, who are committing the majority of the gun homicides.

Their conclusion is the it's the Law Abiding Citizen in the US is committing all of the murders. But wait! there's something wrong with their 12,000 figure. According to the FBI, in 2010 we had 12,996 homicides. 67.5% of homicides are committed with a firearm so that means that we had 8,272 firearm related homicides. Is something to be proud of, nope, but at least I'm giving you the real numbers.

And then add this tidbit of information for us.

We would have a fraction of the gun homicides we have if only the criminals had guns.  Criminals are interested in getting money, not in killing people.  Over 50% of U.S. gun homicides are due to arguments not criminals. (FBI Annual Uniform Crime Reports).

I just don't know where to start. It seems as thought the anti-rights establishment is more concerned with banning guns than affecting crime. According to a U.N. report back in 2009, which is covered by this article, the UK is the most violent country in the world with 2,034 Violent Crimes per 100,000 people. In comparison, the US has a rate of 466 and Canada 935. So yes, we do know what happens to the public's safety when only the criminals have guns. Their Violent Crime Rate sets very high records.

Now, looking back at their reference to the FBI UCR, this NVGAC claims that over half of homicides are not due to criminals, but to arguments. So does that mean that over half of the homicides in the US are justified and committed by law abiding citizens? Probably not.

Looking at this FBI UCR, we see that:

 Of the murders for which the circumstance surrounding the murder was known, 41.8 percent of victims were murdered during arguments... 
and does this statement rule out "criminals"? No! As a matter of fact, it includes narcotics users and certainly people getting into arguments is not restricted to the law-abiding.

Another swing and a miss by the anti-rights establishment.

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